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TIG welding of aluminum among Minifaber's...

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) or GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) welding is one of the most suitable processes for welding aluminum and its alloys, because it offers excellent performance and great aesthetic results. Find out in this article everything you need to know about TIG welding of aluminum and Minifaber's services.

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Laser welding is one of Minifaber's servi...

The laser allows for narrow and deep metal welding, with reduced heat deformation of the final piece. The benefits, however, don't stop there. Learn about them in this article, together with the laser welding service offered by Minifaber, which specializes in cold working various types of metals.

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MIG welding aluminum: do you know the adv...

MIG welding aluminum can become a real challenge if the appropriate machinery is not used and the process is not carried out with care. At Minifaber we specialize in metal cold working and this article will explain how this welding process takes place, what are its advantages and what services we offer customers.

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Steel welding: here's how to avoid imperf...

How do you professionally weld steel? What are the most common imperfections in welded joints? The Minifaber experts will tell you all you need to know about steel welding and its applications.

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anteprima - saldatura a proiezione

Projection welding: the perfect solution ...

If you need to make complex welds, even in the assembly line, the ideal method is projection welding: a particular type of resistance welding that always ensures the correct thermal balance. At Minifaber we have the necessary skills and all the machinery to perform projection welding.

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anteprima -  Saldature ferro ti aiutiamo a scegliere quella giusta

Iron welding: we help you choose the righ...

Iron welding is a process that involves one or more types of material with different functions: there's the base material, meaning the parts to be welded, in our case iron; and there's the filler material, meaning the material melted between the two iron parts to be joined.

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Stainless steel welding: safety at the fo...

State of the art sheet metal welding renders joints solid and stable over time, as well as safe, preventing accidental ruptures and contaminations that could be dangerous, or even deadly. Some examples? Here you go.

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