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From mould construction to sheet metal forming, Minifaber guarantees the best results in the metal forming industry.

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Iron welding: we help you choose the righ...

Iron welding is a process that involves one or more types of material with different functions: there's the base material, meaning the parts to be welded, in our case iron; and there's the filler material, meaning the material melted between the two iron parts to be joined.

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Aluminium welding: know-how helps you cho...

Aluminium welding can be carried out using different techniques, each of which has its own pros and cons. Our technicians must choose the right technology for every type of machined part in order to optimize the resources and provide our customers with the highest quality components. The following three aluminium welding technologies are available within Minifaber's production departments:

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Laser welding in Bergamo looking towards ...

Be glocal is one the key points in Minifaber's philosophy which from its headquarters in Seriate, near Bergamo, always looks towards the innovations towards the world of cold sheet metal transformation. This focus ...

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Stainless steel welding: safety at the fo...

State of the art sheet metal welding renders joints solid and stable over time, as well as safe, preventing accidental ruptures and contaminations that could be dangerous, or even deadly. Some examples? Here you go.

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Aluminium welding: 5 things to watch out ...

In the field of aluminium welding, experience is king: in fact, experience is what allows you to obtain a strong, precise, and clean weld that gives added value to the finished product. We asked our technicians to describe the most critical aspects of aluminium welding, and here's what they said.

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Robotic welding: the best choice for mass...

In the world of sheet metal processing, robotic welding has proved to be the best solution for mass production since it offers advantages that traditional welding can't guarantee. These are the 3 reasons why Minifaber uses robotic welding in mass production:

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Mig welding and safety: how to avoid unpl...

Mig as well as tig and laser welding are essential processes in sheet metal cold moulding. Once laser cut and bent, many components are welded together to create complex parts, ready to be introduced on the market. If, on the one hand, welding is thus essential, on the other, it is a very delicate and dangerous process that can cause work accidents. Here are the solutions adopted by Minifaber to provide accurate but above all safe welding!

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TRUMPF Taglio Laser 3D - Frontale

Laser sheet metal cutting: the technology...

The laser sheet metal cutting system TruLaser Cell Series 7.000 grants excellent performances as far as quality, speed and precision are concerned. That is why Minifaber added it to its machinery

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