Metalworking: here's how we create your finished product

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Lavorazione metalli a freddo

How is metalworking performed? How many and what are the different processes? The Minifaber team will tell you everything about sheet moulding and the services we provide.

At Minifaber, we process metals with a cold technique: moulding, blanking, drawing, punching, cutting, welding and surface processes to finish the processed part.

Today we want to further explain:

  • What "cold moulding" means
  • How we perform the various processes
  • Our service specialities.


Metalworking: cold moulding

There are two types of metalworking: cold and hot. The definitions may mislead you because “cold” and “hot” do not indicate the absolute temperature of the metal to be processed but, rather, the ratio between the metal melting point and the process temperature.

If this ratio is under 0.3, metalworking is defined as "cold".


Our cold processes

Once choosing between cold and hot metalworking, all the necessary operations can be set:

  • Blanking – part separation, using a die and punch;
  • Drawing – forming three-dimensional elements, symmetrical to an axis (cylinder, cup, etc.)
  • Bending – pressing the sheet to obtain different shapes;
  • Punching – to obtain standard or special shapes using automatic numerically controlled machines;
  • Welding – to join different metals;
  • Laser cutting – to achieve highly accurate results;
  • Surface processes – including sanding, chrome-plating, galvanising, silver-plating and more, improving the aspect of the finished part and its corrosion resistance.


Do you want to learn more about our metalworking services? Contact us, no strings attached: we'll be happy to answer your questions. Contact us!


Additional metal processes: moulds and equipment

In addition to the more common metal processes, like the ones listed above, we can offer our customers to other services: mould and equipment design and construction.

Moulds are always designed and constructed according to specific customer requests in accordance with international directives UNI EN ISO 9 001:2008. We can construct any type of mould: blanking, drawing, progressive, transfer and injection.

In the same way, our skills and machine fleet allow us to design and construct metalworking equipment. Specifically, we construct part welding and assembly equipment.


Minifaber creates your finished and assembled product

One of our service strengths is the ability to complete, in addition to single metalworking processes, finished product assembly. We follow every step of the process, from the metal part design phase to feasibility test to final part assembly. Upon request, we can also follow the final product logistics and management aspects.

What's more: only at Minifaber are you free to order the amount of parts you want. Whether you want a small batch of metal products or you need to produce a large amount of assembled products, we can meet your needs, even staggering production over several periods in the year.


Do you want to learn more about our metalworking services? Contact us, no strings attached: we'll be happy to answer your questions. Contact us!
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