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About Us Minifaber has amassed a wealth of know-how, innovation and technology in the metal cold moulding field that allows it to meet any specific customer need, even the most complex.

Minifaber was established in 1960 in Villa di Serio (BG).  Minifaber is specialised in sheet metal cold forming and mould design and construction, becoming the international leader in this industry.  From design to the semi-finished or finished product, Minifaber has the technologies and know-how to conduct every single production process in-house. From design to feasibility studies, including prototyping and small and large series production.  For customers, this means: a supp...

  • 12.000 Tonnes of metal purchased in 2021
  • 49.000 Factory floor area
  • 345 Employees
  • 5500 Staff training (hours) 2021:
  • 4% Investments in new technologies
  • 60% Export 2021
Moulds design Minifaber has specific moulds design and construction know-how for sheet metal cold forming

Bolstered by its extensive experience in the cold forming field, Minifaber designs and manufactures moulds intended to cold form metallic alloys in-house.

Due to the expert Engineering Department and updated machinery, the company can custom design the mould to meet specific requests.

When a customer submits its request, the engineering-design staff sit around a table and listen to the demands, understand the needs, su...

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image Moulds design and construction