For the second year in a row, Minifaber is the MAIN Sponsor of TEDxBergamo

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On Sunday, October 8th, TEDxBergamo will return to the Teatro Sociale in Città Alta for the third time, paying tribute to culture, beauty, art, and the stories that permeate our daily lives.

With TRAME, TEDxBergamo's goal is clear: to emphasize the visible and invisible connections that allow us to weave our individual stories with those of others and with our area, giving birth to revolutionary ideas.

In the year that sees Bergamo and Brescia as the Italian Capital of Culture 2023, we cannot ignore the subtle red thread that links these two cities steeped in history and tradition. Two sides of the same coin, two hearts beating as one to create a warp with unique shades.

Many will be the topics that the 9 speakers will bring onto the stage of the Teatro Sociale in Città Alta, in such an incredible setting which is the symbol of Bergamo’s historic city center. A one-of-a-kind event that will flood the audience's heart, creating a warm embrace through the power of words. It will be a moment dedicated to celebrating empathy, connection, and closeness.



Angela Melocchi, Minifaber’s HR Manager, with Andrea Scravaglieri of TEDxBergamo - Source: L’Eco di Bergamo 

This year more than ever, Minifaber takes on the role of TEDxBergamo MAIN Sponsor, giving its contribution to sharing innovative ideas worth spreading. Minifaber is committed to this for a very long time, actively supporting sports, social, cultural, and volunteering initiatives in the Bergamo area.

«We chose to partner with TEDxBergamo because it's important for us to connect with the local community and provide opportunities to share information on topics that aren't discussed every day within the company», emphasizes Angela Melocchi, Minifaber’s HR Manager, in an article published in L’Eco di Bergamo.

For Minifaber, valuing employees’ worth, culture, and the historical heritage of the region isn't just a side note. They are fundamental pillars of a corporate vision aimed at promoting well-being, establishing lasting connections, and sharing ideas and experiences that can broaden horizons and achieve unexpected results.

That's why the speakers, performers, and audience at TEDxBergamo will play a crucial role in writing a personal and collective TRAMA [Storytelling] that's both intricate and straightforward, sparking curiosity about new ways of thinking.


We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Teatro Sociale in Città Alta (Bergamo) on Sunday, October 8th, from 1:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

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