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Minifaber is a specialized company in sheet metal bending that has carved out a prominent place in this field, distinguishing itself for its know-how, advanced machinery, and the quality of service offered.

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What are Minifaber's sheet metal processing services?

As a leading company in the field of sheet metal processing and bending, Minifaber offers a range of services to meet the needs of each individual project. Their meticulous, professional approach, always focused on innovation and training, enables Minifaber to produce products and components with attention to the smallest detail.

Below, we explore the core services offered by Minifaber.



The shearing process is a technique that allows cutting sheet metal to create various shapes. For this process, Minifaber uses machinery, including the shearing press, demonstrating its expertise in using specific techniques and machines to achieve high-quality final results.


Deep drawing 

Minifaber is also specialized in the deep drawing process, which involves working the sheet metal to produce three-dimensional convex shapes. In this case, dexterity and a deep knowledge of the materials are required to deform the metal sheet effectively.



Minifaber is a company specialized in sheet metal bending, a processing technique that, using advanced press-brake machines, ensures the perfect realization of curves and angles. The metal sheets are bent following project specifications for the production of products that can be used in various application areas.



In sheet metal processing, punching is an especially flexible operation, allowing for a range of cutting and forming operations. To achieve results without deformations or surface damage, it's crucial to correctly set the parameters based on the material being processed.


Laser cutting

Minifaber offers laser cutting for sheet metal processing. This technique is useful for accurately cutting metal sheets for high-performance and extremely precise results. Laser cutting ensures speed and productivity.



Minifaber offers various types of welding to choose from. In this case, it involves joining one or more sheets of metal by heating and melting the edges. Once this operation is performed, a filler material is inserted. This way, it's possible to create strong joints, increasing the functionality of the final product.


Metal surface treatments 

Included in the package offered to the customer is the possibility to use surface treatments for sheet metals. Processes such as painting, galvanizing, or anodizing involve applying a protective layer with anti-corrosive action that, besides protecting the sheet metal, improves the aesthetics of the metal sheet.


Assembly of metal components 

Minifaber offers a service for assembling metal components. The know-how accumulated over years of experience and training allows handling the most complex projects and maintaining the integrity and functionality of the finished product.



Minifaber is a company capable of transforming sheet metals into finished or semifinished products using stamping techniques. By utilizing high levels of pressure and heat, it's possible to obtain components of various shapes and sizes, maintaining a high level of precision in processing.


Manufacturing molds for sheet metal 

Minifaber is involved in creating molds specifically designed for sheet metal. This is a crucial phase to ensure the success of subsequent sheet metal processing steps and to guarantee high standards of quality and efficiency.


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The entire sheet metal processing takes place in-house

Minifaber has successfully implemented an integration of successful processes. In this way, the company internally manages every single phase of the sheet metal processing, from the initial design phase to the realization of the final pieces and quality control.

  • Design: Each client has a goal to achieve, and Minifaber aims to be by their side throughout the journey. Thanks to a team of qualified experts and the use of specific software, the most complex ideas are grounded, considering all the technical factors that contribute to the creation of a practical and functional design product.
  • Prototyping: In this phase, prototypes are created to study and test the feasibility of the initial project. This allows for any improvements to be made, ensuring that the finished product meets the client's expectations.
  • Manufacturing of parts: Once the presented sample is approved, Minifaber proceeds with the production of the requested components. It is in this phase that the wide range of sheet metal processing offered by Minifaber is applied. The use of innovative machines allows for the improvement and acceleration of the production process, ensuring the quality of the final product.

The internal management of each phase of sheet metal processing allows Minifaber to offer tailor-made and high-quality solutions, proving to be a reliable partner.


What can we achieve?

As a company specialized in sheet metal bending, Minifaber stands out for the variety of its offer, ensuring the production of a wide range of semifinished and finished products. The solutions offered are comprehensive and can meet the operational needs of the most diverse sectors.

Here are some examples of products that Minifaber can produce thanks to cold metal processing. 


Professional Lighting Sector

Minifaber creates complex products for the professional lighting sector, an area that requires meticulousness, quality raw materials, and extreme precision.


Components for condensing boilers

The company also manufactures parts to be inserted in condensing boilers, demonstrating its ability to create components with complex technical requirements, starting from sheet metal processing.


Medical sector

For the medical sector, Minifaber has developed vertical know-how in creating steam sterilizers under pressure for surgical instruments, essential for the safety of devices used in various procedures.


If you are interested in our services, contact us to request more information without obligation: we will be happy to assist you. Contact us
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