Family Global Player

Minifaber is a family-run company that bases its strength on a customer-oriented approach. It listens to and understands customer needs, knowing how to interface with markets all over the world. The value of people combined with a highly innovative industrial tradition.

Minifaber is a family-run company that recognises the value of people and also knows how to interface with customers and suppliers throughout the world

An example of Italian excellence that invests in internal resource training to create professionals able to complete work and process that few are capable of. Minifaber invests 3% of its yearly sales in training. People are an added value at Minifaber.

This approach has allowed it to provided a high value response to the needs of companies in leading industrial sectors. The company knows the markets in the most important areas of the world, speaks its customer's language and assimilates their specific needs. Minifaber's professional and proactive approach meets Italian and international market demands.

60% of sales are exports. Furthermore, with its production facilities in Romania, it is able to offer delocalised and economically advantageous production to its customers.