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Iron welding is a process that involves one or more types of material with different functions: there's the base material, meaning the parts to be welded, in our case iron; and there's the filler material, meaning the material melted between the two iron parts to be joined.

Not always, however, is filler material required: some new iron welding techniques eliminate the need to add a second material between the parts to be joined.

Do you want to know how may welding types there are and which application are best? Keep reading.


Iron welding: 5 types for different uses

There are 5 most common and most efficient iron welding technologies:

  • MIG welding, when high productivity and flexibility are required
  • TIG welding, for thin parts
  • Resistance welding, to reach high standards with low costs
  • Projection welding, for complex welding
  • Laser welding, for thin and deep welding, best from the aesthetic standpoint.

Welding, then, can be robotic, thus automated and fully entrusted to a machine; there are two main advantages: systematic and fast mass production, with repeated precision and higher worker safety.

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Iron welding with Minifaber

Iron welding is one of the most demanded by the market because iron is one of the most commonly used materials in all industries; for this reason, Minifaber provides an iron welding service based on all the above mentioned technologies. Based on your project the Minifaber team is able to recommend the best type of iron welding: whether MIG, TIG, resistance, projection or laser.

In fact, our machine fleet is made up of numerous professional tools:

  • MIG/TIG welders
  • Resistance welders, both stable and suspended
  • Projection welders, both stable and suspended
  • Condensation drain welders
  • Laser welding robots and MIG/TIG anthropomorphic welding welders.



Iron welding for semi-finished and finished products

Whether you need to produce a few parts or mass produce iron parts to create finished or semi-finished products, Minifaber has the right solution for you.

What's more, you can also rely on us if you need to weld iron to create finished and assembled products: in fact, we have specialised and become the only company able to assemble complex products.

Here's how we achieve your project

The process includes:

  • A feasibility study and technical drawings
  • Mould design and construction
  • Prototyping and, lastly, mass production.

The result of each iron weld is a clean product, without defects and impurities, tailor-made to your needs.


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