Sheet metal stamping, a guide for beginners

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Sheet metal stamping, a guide for beginners

A short and easy guide for beginners through the world of sheet metal stamping. Discover how the process works, which different kinds of services it includes and how we perform it in Minifaber for a full customized service.

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Sheet metal stamping is used to transform flat metal sheets into specific shapes. Stamping of sheet metal is a process based on permanent deformation by cold forming to produce a variety of complex three-dimensional shapes.

Tensile forces with a high ratio of surface area carry out the process to thickness. The stamping of sheet metals is very common: this is the reason why many objects in your house are the result of a metal stamping process.

An example?

The metal parts of your automatic coffee machine, your pots and many components of your car.


Sheet metal stamping: the types of processes

In sheet metal stamping processes are included a wide variety of associated operations:

  • Metal blanking: sheet blanking on iron, aluminum, copper, brass and special alloys is carried out with punching and matrixes.
  • Sheet metal deep-drawing: which can turn flat metal sheets transforming them into metal components such as cylinders, hemispherical caps, or finished products such as pots and pans or other kinds of containers.
  • Sheet metal bending: used to obtain semi-finished products through the pressure exerted by the mold during the metal working.
  • Sheet metal punching: achieved by using automatic CNC machines and standard or special punches and tools, is performed on iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and special alloys.
  • Metal threading: used to fix together two or more metal parts.
  • Sheet metal laser cutting: performed using numerical control machines, capable of achieving the precision cutting standards foreseen during the design & engineering phase.

As you can see, there’re many processes linked to sheet metal stamping; these are the main processes involved to manufacture metal parts in all industries fields: automotive, household appliances, medical, logistic and plant system sectors and infinite others.

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Sheet metal stamping


Sheet metal stamping: the process

There’re two types of sheet metal stamping presses: hydraulic and mechanic; both use “dies” to manufacture stamped parts. 

The entire “die” consists of a male and female part, which work in opposition:

  • The upperpart of the die is set on the first half of the press;
  • The second half is fixed on the lower half of the press.

When the mechanical or hydraulic press is activated, the flat sheet metal, which stands between the die, reaches the desired shape. The result? A solution that lets to produce large quantities of metal parts with affordable costs and an excellent level of precision.

metal stamping


Minifaber's solution for sheet metal stamping

Minifaber is capable of providing sheet metal stamping solutions characterized by a high level of computerization: our IT systems provide the integration and dialogue process of the machinery with advanced operating systems that design, realize and control the entire metal stamping. We can create both finished and semi-finished products; whether you need to process small batches or large quantities of products, our services are available to meet your needs.


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