Skill and experience in the middle voltage field. Minifaber performs simple processes and creates complex and assembled end products for the electromechanics industry.

More than twenty years experience in the electromechanics industry where Minifaber manufactures medium voltage switches, disconnecting switches, control shafts and switchboard components according to customer specifications.

Extensive know-how which, combined with a flexible and innovative approach, allows the company to provide more efficient and competitive solutions to electromechanics industry customers.

One of Minifaber's focus points is the extraordinary ability to integrate different materials to create complex and assembled products that need to guarantee the utmost safety levels. This is one of the challenges Minifaber faces every day.
Lastly, Minifaber is recognised as an excellent and professional partner due to its teamwork approach with multinational customers' engineering departments, able to listen, question, guide companies in the design and construction of custom products to meet specific needs, even the most complex.