Aluminum sheet finishes

Aluminum is very well known for its amazing characteristics: it’s versatile, easy to work with, relatively low-cost, and it has great non-corrosive properties. But most of all, it can be subjected to a great number of finishes.

Here at Minifaber, we are specialized and well equipped to bring forward different kinds of aluminum sheet finishes for a worldwide clientele:


Why would anyone subject aluminum sheets to different finishes? Well, there are a number of reasons why aluminum sheet metal finishes are a good choice to make:

  1. From an aesthetic point of view, aluminum sheet finishes can help you enhance the appearance of the aluminum and achieve a specific design: peculiar color requirements, mirror finishes, anything that allows you to get an eye-catching look that is visually more appealing.
  2. From a functional point of view, aluminum sheet finishes can help improve the metal’s resistance to corrosion by protecting the surface, in order to make it more suitable to its intended use.

Aluminum sheet finishes


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Aluminum sheet finishes offered by Minifaber

There are many kinds of aluminum sheet finishes, according to the different types of procedure the aluminum sheet is subjected to.

Mechanical aluminum sheet finishes

We can define “mechanical” those aluminum sheet metal finishes that alter the surface by abrasion, such as polishing, peening and sanding:

  • Polishing consists in the act of applying abrasive paste on the aluminum sheet’s surface to give it a nice glossy and smooth final effect;
  • Peening occurs when the aluminum metal sheet is subjected to a violent blast of tiny spheres, which cause a micro plastic deformation of the surface, that helps increase the sheet’s resistance to stress;
  • Sanding is similar to peening, with the exception that here the aluminum sheet gets hit by a jet of fine sand and air.

Mechanical aluminum sheet finishes


Chemical aluminum sheet finishes

Chemical aluminum sheet metal finishes are the ones that rely on some kind of chemical reaction, such as nickel, chrome and silver plating, anodizing and phosphatization:

  • Nickel, chrome and silver plating are all carried out by subjecting the aluminum sheet to a chemical bath of either one of these metals. The galvanic deposition of the metal on the aluminum sheet’s surface is intended to improve its resistance and durability.
  • Anodizing occurs when a protective oxide layer is formed on the aluminum sheet’s surface, induced by electroplating.
  • Phosphatization occurs when the surface of the aluminum metal sheet is altered by phosphate crystals that bind chemically to the metal substrate, improving its properties in terms of resistance to corrosion and wear.

aluminum sheet finishes


These aluminum sheet finishes are brought forward by Minifaber with precision and expertise thanks to a long-established experience and a technologically advanced machinery.


Would you like to know more about aluminum sheet finishes? We will assist you with a personalized consultancy. Contact us!

Why choosing Minifaber for aluminum sheet finishes?

Since 1960, Minifaber's goal is to meet the diverse manufacturing demands of its customers. For this reason, we provide a vast array of aluminum sheet finishes which enhance not only the aesthetics but also the functionality of this particular metal. 

Starting from the design of the project passing through feasibility studies - including prototyping - to the semi-finished or finished product. Minifaber will take care of every single step of the production process, and use the most groundbreaking technologies in order to deliver the desired final product.

Our team of skilled professionals will help you choose the best aluminum sheet finish based on your project requirements, providing you: 

  • high quality manufacturing
  • technological know-how 
  • expertise
  • customization 


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