Lean Manufacturing

Minifaber operates in the metal cold forming industry according to a lean manufacturing production system.

In the pursuit of continuous improvement and transferring value to its customers, Minifaber has adopted the “Lean Manufacturing” system.

An industrial philosophy inspired by TPS (Toyota Production System), that aims to eliminate all waste in terms of time, scraps and thus production costs.

The Toyota Production System is a production organisation method based on a different philosophy and for some aspects, alternative to mass production…

TPS is based on the idea of using available resources in the most productive way possible to increase their profitability.

This way, Minifaber ensures that there are no material wastes or production downtime in its mould production processes, sheet metal cold forming processes, metal working processes and component assemblies.

This allows it to provide customers with intelligently produced finished and semi-finished parts at competitive prices, without overlooking the quality level guaranteed by Minifaber standards.

Angela Melocchi
Angela Melocchi, HR Manager

Today, Lean Manufacturing is mandatory for companies that want to succeed. Being lean means eliminating all those activities that weigh a company and, especially, the customer down. “Zero waste” becomes everyone's motto, from production to office workers.