From mould construction to sheet metal forming, Minifaber guarantees the best results in the metal forming industry.


Take 5

Confindustria Bergamo released a video of "Take 5" campaign with the precious collaboration of Dr. Val...

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Festival Fare La Pace

Minifaber S.p.A. has long supported the important “Festival Fare la Pace” in Bergamo which every year ...

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Moovin' preview

Moovin' Bergamo

The World Health Organization (WHO) has always suggested to walk at least 10.000 steps a day, to achie...

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The Mechatronic Group of Confindustria Bergamo supports the "Eureka! Funziona!" initiative addressed t...

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anteprima - Saldature alluminio

Aluminium welding: know-how helps you cho...

Aluminium welding can be carried out using different techniques, each of which has its own pros and cons. Our technicians must choose the right technology for every type of machined part in order to optimize the resources and provide our customers with the highest quality components. The following three aluminium welding technologies are available within Minifaber's production departments:

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Wellness and culture

At the annual meeting organized by ATS Bergamo, to award companies that promote health in the workplac...

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anteprima - Stampi progressivi

Progressive dies expedite the processing ...

During the quotation phase, Minifaber's technicians design and manufacture the die most suitable for producing the finished product without wasting resources. The pros and cons of progressive dies are listed below, along with their recommended applications.

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