From mould construction to sheet metal forming, Minifaber guarantees the best results in the metal forming industry.

Anteprima - La co-progettazione nella lavorazione della lamiera fa risparmiare tempo e risorse

Co-designing when working sheet metal sav...

In addition to offering cold working of sheet metal for third parties, Minifaber also has an in-house technical department that follows its own clients through the delicate design phase, together evaluating the most suitable materials...

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Mould Construction Design 3

Sheet metal stamping: 5 advantages of Min...

Besides being a reference point in cold sheet metal working, Minifaber is also a company that produces moulds for sheet metal stamping. In this way, the entire productive process is managed inside the company, resulting in considerable advantages for the customer as far as precision and speed of the working are concerned. Here are some of them.

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