anteprima - Stampi transfer

Transfer dies vs progressive dies: differ...

Minifaber is capable of producing pressed parts using both transfer dies and progressive dies. The choice between one or the other is made by the technical department based on its knowledge of the facts, and is aimed at optimizing the resources in order to allow for the production of increasingly complex and high-performance products. The parameters that are taken into consideration when choosing the most suitable die are described below.

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How to MIG weld sheet metal

Do you want to find out how sheet metal MIG welding takes place and which metals you can work with the MIG method? Read our article and become an expert!

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anteprima principale taglio-laser-acciaio

Laser cut steel: Minifaber's precision

There are many advantages of steel laser cutting, such as the best cutting quality and high precision. But that's not all: in this article we will explain why steel laser cutting is a convenient process and all the details of our service.

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anteprima - Saldatura alluminio

Aluminum welding: how to choose the most ...

How to choose the most suitable welding for aluminum? There are several aspects to consider before and during the process to avoid miscalculations and processing irregularities. Let's find out about them together.

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trattamenti alluminio

Aluminium surface treatments: how to impr...

Minifaber performs a variety of aluminium surface treatments to make it more resistant and aesthetically suitable for its final purpose. Find out all the types of processing available, how they are done and what purpose they are suitable for.

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People are the most important resource in...

Pieces of a puzzle that together form the soul of Minifaber, employees and associates can take advantage of numerous personal services, such as nutritionist, psychologist and physical therapist. Let's find out about them together.

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