Sheet metal deep drawing

Minifaber deep draws metals: from stainless steel deep drawing to aluminum, iron, copper deep drawing including brass and special alloys


Among metalworking, we also provide sheet metal deep drawing: with precise and reliable procedures, we deform metal sheets turning in three-dimensional elements, symmetrical to one axle, of different shapes (box, cylindrical or cup-shaped).

Metal deep drawing is always a cold deformation process, which allows us to manufacture metal components such as cylinders and hemispherical cups, but also finished products such as pots or other types of containers. All without altering the thickness of the metal sheet.


Deep drawing process

The deep drawing process of metals in flat sheets begins with the design and production of the mould, specific to the shape you want to achieve.

Then, the metal sheet is passed between the punch and the mould, and subjected to the deforming force of the hydraulic presses: in this way, we obtain the required shape, without the production of wrinkles on the material.

Like the other processes we provide, in Minifaber also the process of deep drawing of metals takes place by means of internally-made moulds. This allows us to obtain excellent results in terms of precision and quality of the drawn part, but also to realize any particular request of the customer that can rely on a personalized service of design and construction of the mold.


Metals that can be deep drawn

In Minifaber we realize:

  • Stainless steel deep drawing
  • Aluminum deep drawing
  • Iron deep drawing
  • Copper deep drawing
  • Brass deep drawing
  • Deep drawing of special alloys


Stainless steel deep drawing

We realize the drawing of stainless steel sheets, to produce pieces tailored to your needs but also finished and assembled products intended mainly for the food sector.

Aluminum deep drawing

We exploit the drawing of aluminum sheets to produce three-dimensional products of different shapes and specific containers for the food, automotive, lighting, pharmaceutical and many others sectors.

Iron deep drawing

Even the most tenacious of metals, iron, can be subjected to deformation: we realize internally all the procedures for iron cold drawing.

Copper deep drawing

Due to the high oxidation of copper, and its electrical conductivity, we proceed to the drawing of copper sheets or discs, ideal for the electromechanical sector.

Brass deep drawing

Precise and reliable procedures allow us to provide the drawing of brass and special alloys, according to your requirements and the feasibility of the project.


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Minifaber deep draws metal for the following industries:

  • Electromechanics
  • Vending
  • Kitchen robots
  • Medical
  • Gas distribution
  • Professional lighting
  • Home appliances
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  • Sheet metal deep-drawing machinery

    Hydraulic presses
    Quantity: 10

    Technical characteristics

    • From 20 to 400 tonnes
    • Flat dimensions up to 1600 mm
    • Transfer use potential
    • In line bath potential


    7000-ton hydroforming press
    Quantity: 1


    600T/350t/75t elastoforming press
    Quantity: 1


    On board machine baths
    Quantity: 7

    Technical characteristics

    • Alkaline baths
    • Acid baths for stainless steel parts
    • Ultrasound baths
    • Deionized water washing
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