Cold metal stamping

Minifaber provides cold sheet metal stamping for the production of finished or semi-finished products in accordance with the specific needs of the customer

Minifaber has been carrying out the process of cold sheet metal stamping and sheet metal working for over fifty years, always committing with high professionalism in meeting the specific needs of any customer. Who chooses Minifaber finds a complex and competent reality that always grants the highest level of customization to the finished or semi-finished products requested, studied with the customer since the design process.

Sheet metal stamping is a process that Minifaber realizes in-house from the beginning to the end: from the digital design of the moulds – customized for the specific task required – up to the very stamping and the production of the finished or semi-finished product as requested by the customer.

The flexibility required to grant such a customized service is possible, in Minifaber, thanks to the fifty years’ experience of the internal Technical Office, and to the investments in cutting-edge machinery: as an example above all, the new 3D laser machine can provide samplings and small series. Thanks to the flexibility of the equipment, many are the application of cold sheet metal stamping in which the company specialized over time: today Minifaber creates moulds for metal blanking and deep-drawing, progressive and transfer moulds, block moulds, through which it has diversified and refined exponentially the process of metal working.

The company can perform today cold sheet metal stamping for many different industries, among which electromechanics, medical, vending, home appliances and kitchen robots, besides the professional lighting and gas distribution fields. A wide range of applications that made Minifaber a leading player as far as the variety of the service is concerned, not to mention the quality and competence that have always been the top qualities of the company.

Besides the diversification of industrial applications, Minifaber has also diversified the metals processed, that vary today from iron to aluminum, from copper to stainless steel, up to brass and special alloys for industrial usage.

Choose Minifaber if you look for a top quality service of sheet metal stamping with wide possibilities of customization, whose reliability and precision are today confirmed by a many customers in any productive industry.


Minifaber carries out cold sheet metal stamping for the following industries:

  • Electromechanics
  • Vending
  • Kitchen robots
  • Medical
  • Gas distribution
  • Professional lighting
  • Home appliances
Minifaber, 50 years of know-how on cold metal forming processes in small and large quantities. Contact us for an estimate and feasibility study
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