Sheet metal fabrication

Minifaber carries out with passion and competence all the different processes of sheet metal fabrication

Since its foundation, Minifaber has been a business specialized in sheet metal fabrication. Thanks to its fifty-year experience, today Minifaber leads the market as one of the most reliable players as far as all the sheet metal fabrication processes are concerned.

Expertise, customization and passion are some of the keywords that describe Minifaber’s activity of sheet metal fabrication. In the fabrication process, in fact, Minifaber follows the customer since the design of the output, suggesting the best procedures to realize the finished or semi-finished products commissioned by the customer.

Thanks to its 360° competence and a cutting-edge machinery, Minifaber can accomplish all the different processes of sheet metal fabrication: from deep-drawing to bending, from punching to welding, up to sheet metal laser cutting, the icing on the cake of Minifaber’s innovative technology.

Minifaber’s professionalism relies on team of experts in sheet metal fabrication, from the engineers to the workers and technicians that realize the process: a team that let Minifaber accomplish the whole process in-house, optimizing time, costs and quality. People and their passion and expertise are the true secret of the high quality of Minifaber’s sheet metal fabrication.


Minifaber carries out sheet metal fabrication for the following industries:

  • Electromechanics
  • Vending
  • Kitchen robots
  • Medical
  • Gas distribution
  • Professional lighting
  • Home appliances
Minifaber, 50 years of cold forming process know-how on small and large quantities of metal. Contact use for an estimate and feasibility study.
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Minifaber has evolved to become the only company able to design and manufacture the complex, assembled end products no one else can.

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