Stamping die

Minifaber is specialized in the manufacturing of metal sheets through different processes. One of them is stamping, carried out through the employment of special moulds, also manufactured by Minifaber, and a crucial element included in the stamping process is the stamping die.

Thanks to an extremely skilled staff of technicians, Minifaber can carry out all different operations included in the stamping process, such as bending, embossing, drawing, hemming and even cutting - just to mention a few - which all have one thing in common: stamping dies.



Sheet metal stamping dies

As we all know, stamping is the process of putting a flat metal sheet in a stamping machine between a punch and a die so that the punch pushes and bends the sheet into the die, giving it the die’s shape.

So, as you can imagine, stamping dies are of absolute importance when it comes to metal stamping. It is the stamping die that gives the desired shape to the metal sheet. Without it, the whole process would be useless, if not impossible.

Minifaber, as a metal sheet manufacturer that takes care of the entire stamping process, is specialized in the manufacturing of specific stamping dies, according to the clients’ requests.

Customized metal stamping dies

Customization is without a doubt Minifaber’s most valuable quality. Minifaber is specialized in not only stamping metal sheets, following a ready-made project, but also realizing a completely customized project, from scratch, following the client’s directions.

Our technicians and artisans sit down with the clients and discuss every single detail that goes into the realization of the right stamping dies to make their project come to life.

Die stamping for finished and semi-finished products

Thanks to its experience and versatility, Minifaber can meet any requests and realize metal stamping dies for both finished and semi-finished products. According to whatever need the clients might have, Minifaber is fully equipped to meet all of them and manufacture stamping dies that will shape the expected final or intermediate product.

The keys to such versatility are a very well prepared Technical Office made of experts with incredible knowledge and a technologically advanced machinery, with a high level of computerization that leaves very little room for human error.


A testimony to Minifaber’s expertise

The companies that trust in Minifaber’s long established experience and professionalism are many and ever growing, both in Italy and internationally. Amongst them:

  • Vorwerk, which employed Minifaber’s experience to realize a stainless steel kitchen robot bowl (find out more here).





  • Schneider Electric, for which Minifaber produced an electrical cabin gear shaft (find out more here).




If you are interested in Minifaber’s die stamping process, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to assist you.