Steel laser cutting

Since 1960 we have been working in the field of cold metal working for industries either in Italy and abroad. Among the many services we offer and processes we carry out, we can mention steel laser cutting. It is one of the best techniques to cut steel and other metals as it ensures the greatest precision and cutting quality.



What is steel laser cutting and what is it used for?

Laser cutting is a thermal process which involves the use of a focused laser beam to melt the metal in a localised area. The laser beam cuts through by vaporizing the material – in this case steel and stainless steel – in the beam's path: if it does not generate enough heat, the metal melts or catches fire and the cut is uncompleted or uneven.

Steel laser cutting is especially used for all those applications that require precise and clean cuts, including sheet metal of different dimensions and thickness.


Steel laser cutting in Minifaber

Minifaber provides an extremely flexible service of steel laser cutting which includes:

  • the production of semi-finished pieces
  • the production of finished and assembled products
  • the processing of small and large quantities, also staggered in progressive steps

Steel laser cutting can be conducted either by combustion – with Oxygen – or by fusion – an inert gas is used and eliminates metal residues, after this has been melted by the laser –.


All the metals we process

Our machine fleet allows us not only to provide steel laser cutting services, but also other metals such as aluminum, copper, iron.


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Minifaber machine fleet for steel laser cutting

Our machine fleet for steel laser cutting is made of CNC machines that have the laser head combined with the punching machine. More in detail we use:

  • two 2D laser cutting machines equipped with CO2 laser source
  • a 3D laser system equipped with Fiber laser



Flawless results with steel laser cutting

The biggest advantage of steel laser cutting is the fact that it allows achieving clean and sharp cuts for superior quality products without burrs as the resulting edges are perfectly even.

But there is more. Steel laser cutting technology is

  • quite fast – the use of nitrogen as a gas, for instance, guarantees both speed and quality
  • versatile – it can be used to cut metal big and small, thick and thin sheet metal made of steel, iron, aluminum, copper
  • sustainable – it does not release slag or any other kind of waste material


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