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Custom Metal Finishing

Minifaber provides a complete service of custom metal finishing to meet every particular request in any industry. Every finishing activity is carried out by our technicians in our plants to ensure the best quality and a coherent process, according to the intended output. Discover our services and contact us for a free quote or ask for any information.

Custom Metal Finishing

If you are looking for a reliable partner for custom metal finishing activities, Minifaber is ready to assist you with a complete and professional service. We deal with many different European customers in every industry, providing a comprehensive range of finishing activities to meet even the most complex requirements.

We are specialised in delivering finished, complex and assembled products with all the requested features.


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Custom metal finishing activities

Here are some of the most requested metal finishing activities that we provide:

  • Metal anodising
  • Metal painting
  • Metal nickel, chrome and silver plating
  • Metal galvanising
  • Metal phosphotisation
  • Metal burnishing
  • Metal sanding
  • Metal polishing
  • Metal peening

… And many more: contact our commercial office and tell us your needs, we will suggest the best finishing service to produce the desired output.


Finished products: beyond custom metal finishing

Each single metal finishing activity is carried out at the highest professional level, with the most innovative technologies and processes. Yet, finishing activities are just the steps to deliver complex, finished and assembled products for any intended destination.

Here are some examples of the finished products we realised in the last years:



Coffe machine for Philips Saeco



Kitchen robot bowl for Vorwerk



Medical instrument steriliser for W&H Italia



Boiler flame diffuser plate for SIT


Professional lighting projector for Clay Paky



Minifaber, custom metal finishing for worldwide customer

Are you working in a non-EU country? No problem. Whether it be the United States or Japan, Minifaber reaches you: we collaborate with many international companies that contact us for cold metal processes, and ship finished and semi-finished products worldwide in a short time.


Would you like to produce your own complex product? Contact us!