Research innovation and proactive approach

Minifaber does not just create the design for the customer but analyses feasibility, production convenience and optimisation. The best solution for the customer, not the most convenient one for Minifaber, is sought.

Minifaber has a proactive approach to problem solving. It has the abilities and flexibility to solve any problem. 

By nature, it does not just receive a design and materialise it, but reviews the feasibility, production convenience andprocess optimisation and thus product. 

Professionals sit around a table with the customers, listening to them, understanding their needs to create a finished product that fully meets the most complex needs.

To make all this possible, the company invests in research, training and machinery and process innovation.

Innovation is constantly implemented by purchasing new production machinery as well as innovative machine controls that optimise the production process and make it more convenient. The significant investments reserved for this item confirm it.

Minifaber also works with the Milan Polytechnics, a supporting partner in product and process research and innovation.

Innovation is also implemented in space and work station organisation that aspire to ergonomics.