Aluminum blanking

Minifaber has witnessed the evolution of aluminum blanking techniques in the light of the new machinery and technology that has emerged.

aluminum blanking

Technological research has always been so crucial for Minifaber which has pioneered many advancements, resonating in the sector as a leading company as for cold metalworking. Our experts, with an unparalleled know-how, master many different techniques, delivering the best possible results at all times.

On this page, we will dive into aluminum blanking, discussing: 

What is aluminum blanking?

Aluminum blanking is a highly specialized metal production process in which aluminum sheets are subjected to a transformation thanks to the action of a die that cuts them into blanks. Blanking is often carried out using tools which work on a broad range of metals. 

During the process, an aluminum coil is positioned into a blanking press which uses the die to precisely stamp the shape you want. Minimal waste is guaranteed throughout the whole process and the shape produced has clean and regular edges. For this reason, blanking is the preferred choice of many industries that are looking for extreme accuracy. 

Aluminum is the perfect material for this particular metalworking technique given its lightweight yet sturdy nature. In fact, aluminum blanking offers versatility, productivity and high quality standards, ensuring the durability of the end product

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Why is aluminum a good choice for the blanking process?

Due to its multiple inner properties, aluminum is one of the most common metals undergoing the blanking process.

  • In fact, this material is naturally malleable. As a result, it is easy to work with and quite flexible, allowing to stamp also the most complex designs without compromising its integrity. 
  • Aluminum’s inherent strength ensures a good shape retention, resisting deformation during subsequent processing and end-use. 
  • Strength does not mean that aluminum is heavy. As a matter of fact, this metal is lightweight, reducing transportation and handling costs while offering a great stability.
  • It is also corrosion resistant, ensuring durability in products exposed to atmospheric factors which can compromise the material’s integrity. 
  • Last, but not least, aluminum can be easily recycled which is fundamental to promote a sustainable industry. Reusing this metal can be extremely beneficial both environmentally and economically speaking. 

For these reasons, aluminum is the perfect choice for delivering both performance and sustainability

How to perform aluminum blanking

The aluminum blanking procedure can be performed following a series of steps.

  • It all starts with the selection of the perfect aluminum coil. In this stage, the material’s thickness and quality are verified in order to be aligned with the desired en product. 
  • Then, the coil is fed into a straightening machine which smooths out imperfections or bends. 
  • After this, the aluminum sheet goes towards the blanking press where dies are used to stamp out the blanks. It is important to highlight that the dies are customized, based on the specific size and shape requested. 
  • While the press exerts its force, the dies cut the aluminum, creating blanks which reflect the chosen design. During the whole process, it is instrumental to maintain a good level of lubrication on the sheet’s surface to avoid any kind of damage. 
  • At the end of the whole procedure, the resulting components are examined to make sure they meet all the client’s demands. Any waste produced during the blanking is collected and recycled to enhance efficiency.

Minifaber’s aluminum blanking service

Advanced technology and a broad range of metal selection are the elements that make Minifaber stand out in the metal industry. 

As for the aluminum blanking process, Minifaber offers a complete service which includes: 

  • a consultation stage which will give you the opportunity to talk thoroughly about your project with our experts, 
  • the selection of the most suitable material to manufacture the required end product 
  • the aluminum blanking step in which the whole process is performed
  • the quality check of every single piece manufactured in order to deliver you only the components which aligned with the project
  • an after-sales service to help you whenever you may have issues with the end product. 

Minifaber follows all these steps carefully to provide you with the most accurate and bespoken experience. It is not only a question of precision, research, technology, but aluminum blanking - as well as the whole Minifaber’s offer - has the mission to cater the requirements of each customer to finally deliver the finest result in terms of quality and performance.

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