Steel punching

Minifaber has over 50 years of experience in metal punching operations. On this page we introduce our steel punching process and what we can do for your needs.

Sheet metal punching is realized with automatic CNC machines and is the result of the work of presses and dies able to realize holes of any shape and size. Steel is one of the most requested materials to punch: for this reason, Minifaber offers a metal steel punching service for the production of tailor-made, customized semi-finished or finished products.

Here is what we deepen on this page:


steel punching

How does steel punching work?

Steel punching doesn’t differ much from the same operation on other materials, except for the hardness of steel itself. For this reason, there are a few downsides to the process of steel punching that Minifaber, thanks to its expertise, can approach and overcome with success, to make sure that the finished product is perfectly manufactured as expected.

The steel punching machines use punches that pass through the sheet steel, while the dies, located on the other side of the metal piece, work as a support to ensure that the metal doesn’t break and, at the same time, help punches to realize accurate and punctual holes. The steel punching process allows the delivery of steel and stainless steel parts of any shape and design, depending on the customer needs.

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steel punching machine

Custom steel punching and stainless steel product

Minifaber is able to realize custom steel metal products, designing and manufacturing complex, finished and assembled products. Steel punching is one of the processes that makes it possible to produce semi-finished and finished products tailored to the customer's needs. This is possible because you don’t need a specific mould for each punching operation: you can combine the dies you already have, for example oval punches together with circular punches. But that can change if, instead, you need to create specific shapes. In that case, we suggest you buy a specific and customized mold

Why choose Minifaber for steel punching operations

In order to guarantee successful punching steel operations, Minifaber has technologically advanced, completely automated, combined punching machinery, which guarantees the highest standard of precision. Our highly specialised team ensures the best results in terms of delivering tailor-made products and meeting customer’s needs. Our machines are always up to date because we believe in innovation and we invest every year in new machinery as to ensure that the end customer always receives the best product. 

steel punch minifaber

Our steel punched parts are used in the electromechanics, kitchen robots, vending, medical, gas distribution, professional lighting, home appliances. Our wide range of finished, complex, assembled products includes examples like professional lighting projector, kitchen robot bowl, coffee machine, boiler flame diffuser plate, electrical cabin gear shaft, textile loom weft thread accumulator, steriliser and much more. 

We are an ISO certified company and we are trusted by major products for the production of genuine, long-lasting and quality products. We develop industry-leading steel punched products that perform at the highest level. 

If you’re interested in Minifaber’s steel punching operations, contact us! Contact us!