Laser welding

Laser technology, thanks to its ability to foster high energy intensity in a short time, allows the laser welding process to melt the metal with a minimal heat input, resulting in small, clean, deep, quality welding junctions.

Advantages of the laser welding procedure

The laser welding technique, besides cleanliness and precision, presents other advantages that make it extremely effective:

  • Minimal heat input, which doesn’t ruin the shape of the metal sheet;
  • Nice looking welding junctions, that are clean and free of smudges;
  • Manageable deepness of the welding junction, depending on the thickness of the metal sheet;
  • Fast manufacturing, which reduces both timings and costs.



Types of laser welding

Depending on the intensity of the laser radiation, laser welding procedures can be categorized into induced heat welding and deep welding.

Induced heat lased welding

This procedure allows to weld only the surface of the metal sheet. Energy flows inside the metal sheet only through heat induction. Generally speaking, this welding procedure never goes beyond 2 millimeters, which makes it specifically ideal to weld thin metal sheets.

The laser melts the metals directly on the junction between them. By doing so, the solidified fusion connects the metal sheets permanently.

Deep laser welding

On the other hand, the deep laser welding procedure allows to apply energy below the surface of the metal sheet. This technique is specifically used when a deep welding is required or when multiple layers of different metals need to be attached at the same time.

Throughout this process, the laser melts the metal and generates a hole, that is surrounded by melted metal. The hole is shaped through the laser, and the melted metal that drips down the hole solidifies and connects every layer below the surface. The laser goes deep down inside the material through the complete reflection inside the hole.

For example, if performed on a steel metal sheet, this welding procedure can reach a maximum depth of 25 millimeters.


Laser welding by Minifaber

Minifaber is specialized in realizing tailor-made metalworking projects and has been committed for over 50 years to meeting its clients’ requests, always. Our technicians sit down with you to design a project and find the best procedure to realize it.

Amongst the existing techniques, Minifaber also employs the laser welding technique, achieved through technologically advanced machinery, respecting all required safety measures. The ultimate goal is to realize finished or semi-finished, accurate, clean products that resemble to perfection the desired outcome.


If you want to trust in Minifaber’s experience for a laser welding service, contact us right away! We will gladly assist your every request.

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