Minifaber works in the most significant industries and production fields. This allows it to extend its acquired experience to a specific goods sector where it did not exist.

The customer-oriented approach, the extensive know-how, focus on innovation and high quality standards are some of the factors that allowed Minifaber to be recognised and appreciated in many industrial and non-industrial fields.

Expertise ranges from the energy field to home appliances, including the medical, lighting design, vending and professional lighting industries.

Minifaber has acquired extensive experience in each of these fields where the knowledge of materials, production processes and typical industry needs allows it to efficiently and innovatively respond to customer requests on both the technical-quality and economic levels.

  • Electromechanics

    More than twenty years experience in the electromechanics industry where Minifaber manufactures medium voltage switches, disconnecting switches, control shafts and switchboard components according to customer specifications.

    Extensive know-how which, combined with a flexible and innovative approach, allows the company to provide more efficient and competitive solutions to electromechanics industry customers.

    One o...

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  • Kitchen robots

    Kitchen robots, one of those industries where Minifaber best expresses itself. 

    Here, the company designs and manufactures “multi-technological”; products meaning complex, finished and assembled products that no one else can today. 

    Due to the use of press deep-drawing techniques, highly aesthetic surface treatments and component welding, the company is able to provide en...

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  • Vending

    Vending is a historical industry for Minifaber that allows it to express its savoir-faire in the construction of machine parts intended for vending machines

    Here, blanking, bending and welding are three processes that work together to create beverage vending machine bodies and internal parts. 

    One of Minifaber's added values in this field is its ability to meet ...

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  • Medical

    Our experience in manufacturing products that must receive TUV certification for pressurised items and the availability of laser welding have allowed Minifaber to become a strategic partner for many companies in the medical industry.

    Specific know-how for the production of complex parts and assemblies that meet medical industry needs.

    Furthermore, thanks to the re...

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  • Gas distribution

    Minifaber manufactures blanked, moulded and bent parts as well as more complex products to construct multiple gas valves for the gas distribution industry. Deep-drawn, welded and surface treated parts in which gas passage is the key factor.

    Products where tolerance and surface quality are extremely important to guarantee the safety the product must provide.

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  • Professional lighting

    One of the products Minifaber contributed in with numerous blanked, bent and finished parts lit the London stadium during the 2012 Olympics.

    Professional lighting is a strategic industry for Minifaber. An industry for which the company has gained extensive experience that allowed it to understand the continuously evolving needs.

    In professional lighting, material performance is always incr...

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  • Home appliances

    The espresso coffee machine is Minifaber's crowning achievement in the home appliance industry.

    In fact, the company manufactures a complex and assembled end product with high added value. The components, made of satin or mirror polished stainless steel, have excellent aesthetic yield, as well as the metallic components assembled with plastic parts.

    For the home appliance industry...

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