home appliances

Home appliances

We have partnered with significant industry leaders. Minifaber performs simple processes and creates complex and assembled end products for the home appliance industry.

The espresso coffee machine is Minifaber's crowning achievement in the home appliance industry.

In fact, the company manufactures a complex and assembled end product with high added value. The components, made of satin or mirror polished stainless steel, have excellent aesthetic yield, as well as the metallic components assembled with plastic parts.

For the home appliance industry, Minifaber manufactures moulds suited to this type of aesthetic need and is able to provide all prototyping processes.

It is, in fact, organised with an innovative light carpentry department and tooling department to construct pilot moulds.

Where economically competitive and simple parts need to be constructed, Minifaber provides its customers with the opportunity of moving production to the Romanian facilities in Bacau. The Minifaber quality is guaranteed.