Custom Laser Cutting

In Minifaber we provide a custom laser cutting service: our carpentry department can make every kind of metals laser cutting, from the easiest to the most elaborate. The result is always impeccable: clean and precise cuts, ideal for superior quality products.


Laser cutting is a process by which the metal sheet is cut by heat produced by a laser resource, obtaining very accurate and precise results that allow you to recreate perfectly the design desired.

The laser beam is generated by a laser source (the resonator): the beam comes out of the laser head and, passing through a lens, reaches very high power, capable of melting and cutting the metal sheet.


Which metals can you apply laser cutting to?

Laser cutting is available for different metal sheets, both ferrous and non-ferrous. In Minifaber, we are available for laser cutting:

  • Iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum


What are the advantages of custom laser cutting?

Custom laser cutting allows you to make any project a reality: whatever your design, custom laser cutting can reproduce it faithfully, with a very high degree of precision, efficiency and no waste. The cuts are clean and precise, perfect for products of superior quality for many sectors of the market:

  • medical
  • cosmetics
  • professional lighting
  • household appliances
  • food processors
  • vending.

The quality is high, operating costs are reduced and, at the same time, the safety of operators is increased.




At Minifaber we provide you with a custom laser cutting service

At Minifaber, we specialise in cold sheet metal working, including custom laser cutting. Our Technical Department supports you throughout the design phase, while our well-stocked machinery takes care of the operational phase - in fact, we have CNC machines able to guarantee precision laser cutting. The result is always, exactly, what was thought of during the design phase.

We can make custom laser cuts for small batches of product or for very large quantities, even by staggering production. The final product can be a semi-finished product or a finished and assembled product.

Are you looking for a professional custom laser cutting service? Contact us for further information