Sheet metalworking

Minifaber cold processes both large and small quantities of metal. Skill, passion and continuous technical updates allow it to work with the best companies in the professional lighting, electromechanics, home appliance, medical, logistics and equipment industries.

We carry out cold sheet metalworking in both large and small quantities: starting from the design and construction of molds and equipment for welding and assembly, we carry out all the most requested metalworking. The entire supply chain is carried out internally: our internal staff deals with the design, blanking, deep-drawing, bending, punching and welding of the pieces.

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Types of sheet metalworking

Minifaber, for years recognized as one of the excellence for sheet metalworking, is able to produce any type of shape in press-folding. The experience of years and the use of high quality machinery for sheet metalworking, allow us to perform complex processes and offer innovative solutions.

Minifaber is able to perform the following types of sheet metal working:

  • Sheet metal punching
  • Sheet metal laser cutting
  • Sheet metal welding
  • Mold production
  • Metal blanking
  • Metal sheet bending
  • Metal surface treatments
  • Metal assemblies
  • Cold metal stamping

Sheet metal punching

Among sheet metal working, Minifaber can perform any metal punching operation, simple or complex. We can performpunching work on a wide selection of metals: iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and special alloys. We do sheet metal cutting or drilling, producing precise and quality finished products.


Sheet metal laser cutting

Minifaber carries out any type of metal laser cutting, from the simplest to the most complex: four punching machines capable of cutting sheets up to 1250x2500 mm. This sheet metalworking can be done on aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

Sheet metal welding

Minifaber performs several types of sheet metalworking, including welding processes on various metallic and aluminum alloy surfaces as well as on stainless steel and iron. Specifically, we can perform:

  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding
  • resistance welding
  • projection welding
  • robotic MIG and TIG welding 
  • laser welding 

Mold production

Due to its experience in sheet metalworking, Minifaber designs and manufactures dies in-house for cold forming of metal alloys. Thanks to its fleet of machines and technical team, the company can custom design the mold to meet specific customer requirements.

Metal blanking

Among sheet metalworking, Minifaber performs iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and special alloys blanking with the highest precision and up-to-date technologies. Metal stamping is done by shaping the sheet metal with punches, which deform and cut, and molds to give the shape.


Metal sheet bending

In sheet metalworking bending a machine, called the bender, exerts pressure on the flat plate by a mold, to obtain various shapes. Sheet metal bending can be used on metal surfaces to obtain finished semi-finished products. Minifaber can bend aluminum, steel and stainless steel, iron and copper.

Metal surface treatments

Minifaber is engaged in operating surface treatments on metals upon request. This sheet metalworking is effective in increasing metal strength and durability.

Metal assemblies

Minifaber is in the business of assembling metal components and to make finished products. Our company supplies tested and certified assemblies, semi-finished and finished products, even the most complex ones.

Cold metal stamping

Minifaber carries out in-house sheet metal stamping from start to finish. We take care of the digital design of the molds up to the actual stamping and production of the finished or semi-finished product as required by the client.

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How do we approach sheet metalworking process?

Our company works closely with clients to understand their needs and develop a product that fully reflects their goals. The first stage involves an interview to analyze the needs. In the second phase, our technical team is in charge of studying the feasibility and choosing the most suitable machinery and types of sheet metal working. After that, the actual processing, testing of manufactured products and delivery to the customer starts.

Sheet metalworking tools and machinery

Different tools and machines can be used in the sheet metalworking process. A first distinction can be done between hand tools and power tools. Hand tools include iron saws, drawing pins, blind riveting pliers, pliers, hammers, shell irons, file pistons, ejector pistols and so on. Power tools include clinching machines, drills, percussion drills, orbital, belt and random orbit grinders, soldering irons, lasers and so on.

Minifaber, 50 years of know-how in the cold sheet metalworking in small and large quantities

Competence, passion and continuous technical updating allow us to work with the best companies in the main sectors of application:

  • Electromechanical
  • Household appliances
  • Medical
  • Logistics
  • Lighting technology
  • Plant engineering

Minifaber can guarantee precision and flexible results in sheet metal working, due to its 50 years experience in the sector. By relying on our company you can count on: 

  • high operational knowledge at all levels of our organizational structure;
  • fast and efficient processes thanks to the application of lean production;
  • primary attention in respecting the delivery times.


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Discover below all the sheet metalworking that we can provide:

  • Moulds design

    Bolstered by its extensive experience in the cold forming field, Minifaber designs and manufactures moulds intended to cold form metallic alloys in-house.

    Due to the expert Engineering Department and updated machinery, the company can custom design the mould to meet specific requests.

    When a customer submits its request, the engineering-design staff sit around a table and listen to the demands, un...

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  • Processing tool design and construction

    Minifaber designs and constructs welding and assembly tools in-house.

    The Engineering department boasts extensive know-how to create specific tools that meet technical part requirements, even complex.

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  • Sheet metal fabrication

    Since its foundation, Minifaber has been specialized in sheet metal fabrication: the company offers a wide range of services to transform raw metal sheets into semi-finished and finished products. Thanks to its fifty-year experience, today Minifaber leads the market as one of the most reliable player in the field.

    Expertisecustomization and passion are the keywords that d...

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  • Metal blanking

    Minifaber performs metal blanking on iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and special alloys sheets with maximum precision and advanced technology. Metal blanking involves shaping sheet metal using punches, which deform and cut, and dies, which give the shape. On this page, we will deepen what metal blanking is, how it works and what service Minifaber can provide.

    Metal blanking is a process that requires experience and ...

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  • Sheet metal deep drawing


    Among metalworking, we also provide sheet metal deep drawing: with precise and reliable procedures, we deform metal sheets turning in three-dimensional elements, symmetrical to one axle, of different shapes (box, cylindrical or cup-shaped).

    Metal deep drawing is always a cold deformation process, which allows us to manufacture metal components such as cylinders and hemispherical cups, but also finished products ...

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  • Metal sheet bending

    Minifaber boasts a fifty years expertise in the field of metal sheet bending: a process of metal cold working that takes place by means of a machine, called a bender. The mold of the bender exerts pressure on the flat plate, to obtain different shapes.

    Together with the shearing and molding process, sheet metal bending is used on metal surfaces to obtain semi-finished products and can be carried out on surf...

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  • Sheet metal punching

    While once sheet metal punching was done manually, today the technique of metal punching uses automatic machines with numerical control. The automatic punching machines use punches and matrices of standard or special shapes, based on the final design that you want to achieve.

    Punching metal: solutions for every need

    Our company is structured in order to satisfy any demand of punching of ...

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  • Sheet metal laser cutting

    The laser cutting of metal sheets, which today is carried out by means of numerical control machines, is a fundamental process for the realization of a metal artifact and the success of a finished product. Laser cuts, in Minifaber, are performed as designed at the design stage.

    Sheet metal laser cutter: our machines

    Our carpentry department has the technologies suitable to carry...

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  • Sheet metal welding

    The know-how acquired over the years, the constant innovation process and the multifunctional machinery allow Minifaber to offer sheet metal welding services according to the customer's specifications.

    On this page, we will discuss: 

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  • Metal surface treatments

    Minifaber employs suppliers who have extensive know-how in the in the surface treatment of metals. The purpose of these metal treatments is to grant the product an excellent finish that, not only provides aesthetic value, but increases its durability, eliminating harmful oxidation processes.

    Specifically, Minifaber can provide the surfaces treatments listed below on aluminum

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  • Metal assemblies

    Metal assemblies and finished part manufacturing is another demonstration of Minifaber's ability to listen to customers and meet their production needs.

    Customers who seek a professional and expert partner for tested and certified assemblies, semi-finished and finished products find Minifaber to be a unique supplier able to truly meet their needs, even the most complex ones.

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  • Cold metal stamping

    Minifaber has been carrying out the process of cold metal stamping and sheet metal working for over fifty years, always committing with high professionalism in meeting the specific needs of any customer. Who chooses Minifaber finds a complex and competent reality that always grants the highest level of customization to the fi...

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  • Sheet metal stamping

    Thanks to a team of technicians specialized in the design and creation of moulds, Minifaber can provide in-house all the processes of sheet metal stamping, granting a high standard of professionalism and flexibility in meeting all the needs of the customer.

    Customized sheet metal stamping

    Customization is indeed the prominent quality of Minifaber’s sheet metal stamping

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  • Steel bending

  • Metal welding


    Metal welding is a process that allows the manufacture of perfect parts that can be assembled to create a finished product. It is a fundamental stage of the production cycle of several industries: from automotive to aerospace, and infrastructure. 

    Welding metal is <...

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  • Stainless steel deep drawing

    The stainless steel deep drawing is a cold metalworking process which transforms metal sheets into three-dimensional, and complex shapes through a mechanical transformation without heating the material. 

    On this page, we will discover: 

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