Sheet metal prototyping

You have an idea for a great metal design, but don’t know who to turn to for help? Don’t worry, Minifaber’s expert technicians and artisans are here to help you turn your ideas into reality: we are specialized in designing and manufacturing sheet metal prototypes.

Sometimes even the best ideas are put to the side because of a lack of options when it comes to actualizing them. Well, not here. To get inside the customer’s mind and be able to see what they see is Minifaber’s greatest power.

With a fifty-year experience in the field, Minifaber is able to assist the customer every step of the way, from the conceptualization of metal prototypes– the most delicate – to the realization of semi-finished or finished products.


Sheet metal prototyping


Sheet metal prototyping: customization and standardization

In metal prototyping, customization is key, obviously. Which is why our professionals sit down with the customer to discuss their ideas and go through the whole designing process with them, to make sure that the output is exactly as expected.

With incredible expertise and passion, we can advise them on which techniques and materials are best to realize their project.

Then, once both parts are settled on a specific process, Minifaber can automate it and turn the customization into a standard framework to lower timings and costs of the metal prototyping service.


Sheet metal prototyping


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Sheet metal prototyping: innovation and technology

In addition to the long-established expertise of its professionals, there is another factor that proves Minifaber’s reliability: the utmost quality that identifies its machinery and technology. The company invests 2.5 million euros every year to make sure that its machinery is always impeccable.

Minifaber’s mission is to be able to provide the best possible service in turning sheet metal prototypes into finished products, ready to be manufactured in small or large series.


Sheet metal prototyping


All the pros of metal sheet prototypes

In the manufacturing world, a sheet metal prototype is a mock-up which is built long before manufacturing begins. Its major pro lies in the fact that it allows designers and engineers to test the metal sheet before fully developing it and starting, for instance, mass production.

However, it also happens sometimes that some engineers choose plastic - which we don’t deal with - for prototyping parts and sheets that are then going to be made of metal.

Except that, from what we have been seeing in our experience, they then turn to sheet metal prototypes for the most various reasons. For instance, they provide:

  • Better mechanical and functional performance
  • More accurate testing
  • Better aesthetics


Metal sheet prototypes for all production runs and sectors

Basically all areas of the economy need some metal manufactures. As a matter of fact, due to their strength, long-term durability, and stiffness, metal components and sheets are used in a wide range of applications such as the manufacturing of:

  • cars, aircrafts, and trains
  • hardware enclosures
  • office tools
  • house appliances
  • computers
  • duct, gutters, and other construction-related items
  • furniture


Whether you need a sheet metal prototype for a big, medium or small-sized production run in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, or brass, at Minifaber you will be sure your need will be fulfilled.

With Minifaber, nothing is impossible. Whatever your project may be, our professionals are able to assist you and suggest the best solutions to realize your metal prototype, following your every wants and needs.


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