Sheet metal laser cutting

Minifaber performs precision laser cutting processes on sheet metal according to specific customer requests.

The laser cutting of metal sheets, which today is carried out by means of numerical control machines, is a fundamental process for the realization of a metal artifact and the success of a finished product. Laser cuts, in Minifaber, are performed as designed at the design stage.

Sheet metal laser cutter: our machines

Our carpentry department has the technologies suitable to carry out any type of metal laser cutting, from the simplest to the most complex: 4 punching machines capable of cutting sheets up to 1250x2500 mm.

The objective is to answer specific needs in terms of technical design and intended use of the semi-finished part: we conduct laser cutting operations of iron, laser cutting of stainless steel and laser cutting of aluminum.


Sheet metal laser cutting: flawless results

Punching and deburring machines of new generation allow us to obtain absolute precision during the processing of the sheet: clean and precise cuts, for superior quality products aimed at different sectors of the market, from the electromechanical to the medical, from the lighting industry to the vending sector, but also appliances and kitchen robots.

Iron laser cutting

The laser cutting of iron is aimed at making clean and uneven cuts on carbon steel sheet, whether they are coated or not with a protective layer against oxidation (galvanizing or pre-varnishing).

Steel laser cutting

As a material widely used to realize products aimed at the food sector, due to its high oxidation resistance and hygiene, steel and stainless steel are part of the materials that we often subject to laser cutting. Our steel laser cutting is carried out with the utmost precision to deliver you perfect products.

Aluminum laser cutting

Aluminum is a very light and oxidation resistant metal alloy, qualities that make it very demanded in both the electronics and automotive sectors, but also as a furniture element and a material used for kitchen appliances: that's why we also provide aluminum laser cutting.

Copper laser cutting

Especially for the electromechanical sector, we provide services that include laser cutting of copper, but also of cupronickel, brass and bronze. We also process some special alloys that distinguish for their composition and their properties.


Custom laser cutting

Laser cutting in Minifaber is never the same because our CNC machines guarantee the exact result you need. It means that we are able to provide a custom laser cutting service alongside constant support from our Technical Department that checks the making of sheet metal every step of the way.


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Minifaber laser cuts metal for the following industries:

  • Electromechanics
  • Vending
  • Kitchen robots
  • Medical
  • Gas distribution
  • Professional lighting
  • Home appliances
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  • Sheet metal punching and laser cutting machinery

    Combined punching machines
    Quantity: 4

    Technical specifications

    • Sheet metal processing up to 1250*2500mm
    • Workable thickness up to 6 mm
    • Laser power up to 3.2 KW


    Automatic sheet and semi-finished warehouse
    Quantity: 1

    Technical specifications

    • 500 positions (places, spaces)


    3D laser cutting
    Quantity: 1


    Laser marker
    Quantity: 1


    Micro-welding laser
    Quantity: 1


    Deburring/Satin finishing machine
    Quantity: 1


    Quantity: 2


    Quantity: 1


    Variable speed grinder
    Quantity: 1

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