Minifaber East Europe

Minifaber has expanded its sheet metal forming and metallic alloy cold forming business to Romania.

The profuse efforts over the years and skills acquired in the sheet metal forming, bending, assembly, welding and punching fields naturally led to international expansion.

Since 2008. Minifaber East Europe has been in operation in Bacau (Romania), with a 5,000 square metre production floor that now employs 40 people.

With its production facilities in Romania, Minifaber is able to offer delocalised and economically advantageous production to its customers. Production can be moved to where the customer deems advantageous, ensuring Minifaber know-how and quality standards.

In fact, Minifaber East Europe pursues the same goals of excellence in the sheet metal cold forming field.

The philosophy that guides Minifaber East Europe operations reflects the one that has always been adopted in the Italian facilities.

Provide the customer with a complete finished products, according to its needs and with competitive quality”.