Robotic Welding

How does robotic welding work? What are the most modern systems, and what advantages do they bring to the welding process? Minifaber reveals every detail about the use of welding robots.

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding is a fully automatic type of welding using industrial robots. Robotic systems carry out all the different types of welding - MIG, MAG, TIG, laser, resistance - and on all the most common metals.

The advantages of robotic welding are mainly 2: greater precision and greater productivity. That's why Minifaber also offers you a robotic welding service, carried out in-house thanks to our modern and updated machine park.


Robotic welding: how it works

Robotic welding is carried out by robots, i.e. mostly robotic arms whose ends support the work tools. The robots are controlled by software: they position the pieces, carry out any preliminary operations and carry out the actual mechanical machining.

In this way, the robots automate all the processes that involve the repetition of an operation on the same or similar pieces, even the most complex ones. The welding process can be repeated infinitely, guaranteeing precision that would otherwise be impossible with manual welding.

Types of robotic welding

The robotic islands perform all the main types of welding (MIG/MAG, TIG, resistance, laser, spot, pulsed arc) on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, iron, copper.

Robotic Welding


The advantages of robotic welding

In addition to the increase in precision, also and above all for difficult machining, the other advantage of robotic welding is the increase in productivity:

  • fewer rejects
  • it is not necessary to rework the pieces
  • the welding process is faster (and can also continue at night).

Last but not least, robotic welding reduces the risks for workers, who are not directly exposed to the risks of the process.

Robotic Welding


Robotic welding with Minifaber

At Minifaber we offer a robotic welding service, ideal especially for all products for the automotive, household appliances and furniture sectors.

In fact, we have:

  • 1 laser welding robot (power 2kw)
  • 1 TIG/MIG anthropomorphic welding robot
  • 1 anthropomorphic welding robot MIG

The service is available both for small quantities of pieces and for large orders, also spread over several periods.

Robotic Welding



Are you looking for a professional robotic welding service for large or small quantities? Contact us for more information