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Minifaber has amassed a wealth of know-how, innovation and technology in the metal cold moulding field that allows it to meet any specific customer need, even the most complex.

Minifaber was established in 1960 in Villa di Serio (BG). 

Minifaber is specialised in sheet metal cold forming and mould design and construction, becoming the international leader in this industry. 

From design to the semi-finished or finished product, Minifaber has the technologies and know-how to conduct every single production process in-house. From design to feasibility studies, including prototyping and small and large series production. 

For customers, this means: a supplier who optimises production time and costs

Moulds intended for metal processing are designed in-house and blanked, deep-drawn or bent pieces are produced and semi-finished and finished products are assembled in-house. 

This way, customers who come to Minifaber with their own technical drawing or just an idea of the part to be constructed find a team of professionals and machinery that allow them to leave the company with the finished or semi-finished part that perfectly meets their production needs

The strategic and technological soul of the company are, indeed, solid know-how, human resource professionalism, continuous investments in innovation and updated and multi-specialised machinery. 

A combination of factors that lets Minifaber create semi-finished and finished products, completing the entire production chain from finished product (even multi-technology) design to production in-house. 

Minifaber is a company which, due to fifty years of sheet metal cold forming know-how, continuous investments in technology and a customer-oriented approach, is now able to manufacture complex and assembled end products that no one else can create today

For this reason, Minifaber is the supplier preferred by industrial groups operating in the electromechanics, electrical, home appliance, electro-medical, lighting and construction industries.

Minifaber, from simple metal processing to complex and assembled end product manufacturing.
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