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Sheet metal forming companies: technologi...

In over 50 years of operations, Minifaber has specialized in the cold working of sheet metal and in the design and construction of molds, becoming a leader among sheet metal forming companies at an international level.

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Precision metal stamping

Sheet metal stamping is a precision process that allows you to model a metal sheet to deform it into objects of different shapes and sizes. This type of processing is used in many production sectors: for example, the automotive, aeronautical, food, construction and household appliances sectors.

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Deep draw stamping operations

Deep draw stamping is one of the various metalworking processes implemented by Minifaber. Deep draw stamping is a sheet metal bending operation, which consists in deforming it to give it a concave final shape, usually a box, cylinder or cup shape.

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Custom sheet metal fabrication

Minifaber has made custom sheet metal fabrication its greatest strength. When a customer comes to Minifaber, they can rest assured that their draft or completed design will be transformed into a reality.

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How to create custom metal molds

Thanks to its experience and technical expertise, Minifaber is capable of producing custom metal molds either from scratch or using an existing design.

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Taglio laser metalli

Metal laser cutting: different lasers for...

Minifaber, thanks to its state-of-the-art machinery and the experience accumulated over years of activity, is specialized in laser cutting metals of all kinds: iron, steel, aluminum and copper. For each of these, laser cutting, thanks to its properties, guarantees extremely clean and precise cuts.

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