Metal bending to create prototypes and sm...

Metal bending is one of the most common and precise processes to obtain semi-finished or finished products. Minifaber has more than ten years of experience in steel, aluminum, copper bending and the bending of other metals for different industrial sectors: including electromechanical, medical, kitchen robotics, and ice cream machines.

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Minifaber aluminum laser cutting machine:...

Aluminum laser cutting is one of the most popular processes both for the physical and mechanical qualities of the metal in question, and for the precision, versatility and cutting speed, which allows for the creation of prototypes and production pieces. Learn more about Minifaber aluminum laser cutting machine technology and our services in this article.

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 MG 0933

Sheet metal forming companies: technologi...

In over 50 years of operations, Minifaber has specialized in the cold working of sheet metal and in the design and construction of molds, becoming a leader among sheet metal forming companies at an international level.

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Precision metal stamping

Sheet metal stamping is a precision process that allows you to model a metal sheet to deform it into objects of different shapes and sizes. This type of processing is used in many production sectors: for example, the automotive, aeronautical, food, construction and household appliances sectors.

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 MG 2209

Deep draw stamping operations

Deep draw stamping is one of the various metalworking processes implemented by Minifaber. Deep draw stamping is a sheet metal bending operation, which consists in deforming it to give it a concave final shape, usually a box, cylinder or cup shape.

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Custom sheet metal fabrication

Minifaber has made custom sheet metal fabrication its greatest strength. When a customer comes to Minifaber, they can rest assured that their draft or completed design will be transformed into a reality.

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How to create custom metal molds

Thanks to its experience and technical expertise, Minifaber is capable of producing custom metal molds either from scratch or using an existing design.

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