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Thanks to forward-looking investments in technology and people, Minifaber has grown in exports and in the Italian market.

Since 1960, Minifaber has been operating domestically and internationally, positioning itself as a leader in cold sheet metal processing and mold making. Innovation has always been at the heart of the company's philosophy, with the goal of always offering the best solution to the customer. Innovation also means knowing how to evaluate the right long-term investments: technologies, people and research are our choices. That's why Minifaber is a growing reality not only in exports but also in the Italian market

The growth in numbers

Minifaber is a solid and ever-growing company, thanks to the courage that has always distinguished it. Looking at the metalworking market in general, we can see that the last two years have seen strong growth, returning to 2019 pre-covid levels. Italy remains one of the largest exporters in the sector, second in Europe after Germany and seventh globally. These results are also the outcome of a network of companies that have taken charge of change: a mix of innovation and sustainability, among other things, has allowed them to remain international benchmarks within a very competitive sector.

Over the past decade, exports at Minifaber have reached a 60 percent share, confirming the positive trend and enabling the company to acquire customers of the caliber of Germany's Vorwerk and France's Schneider Electric. Not only exports, however. Minifaber is also one of Bergamo's healthiest manufacturing operations in terms of domestic market sales.

Italian customers, in fact, count for 40 percent of total sales and play an increasingly important role in the global business. Our numbers reveal a very positive situation: over the past year, sales have grown by 29.65 percent, from 65 million in 2020 to more than 85 million in 2021. In addition, Value Added (the difference between revenues from finished products and raw material costs) also grew by 26 percent. This figure testifies that revenue growth was not an end in itself, but was greater than cost growth, thus translating into concrete and tangible results. It is precisely the Italian customers, therefore, who during this year have allowed turnover to grow.

People at the heart of Minifaber

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Minifaber has always continued to reinvest profit within the company: in expanding production activities, modernizing software and machinery, and introducing benefits and initiatives for employees and management. For instance in the case of M-LAB, the company's Academy for employee training and growth, or the collaboration with a psychologist, a physiotherapist, and a nutritionist, available to workers.

The power of Minifaber

Minifaber is a solid and structured company that has been in the sheet metal processing industry for more than 60 years. Is a reliable reference for suppliers, customers, and employees, who feel proud to work for a solid and structured company. 

Due to its solidity, Minifaber could overcome difficult times such as the crisis of 2009, or the recent difficulties related to the pandemic and international events, which are putting a strain on the world economy, with heavy social consequences as well. 

Minifaber, a reliable partner for your business.

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