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M-LAB is the new Minifaber training Academy, established to train and grow employees and attract new talents. Read the dedicated article!

In the 2022 will be opened M-LAB, the new Minifaber training Academy. The opening is expected to be in early winter. The internal Academy has been strongly wanted by the direction and the HR team, to empower employees to grow and evolve professionally, relationally and personally, but also to attract new talent. 

M-LAB is part of a larger framework of renewal and innovation aimed at the near future of Minifaber and its people. The latest effort, in chronological order, was the transition to SAP as the new management system, officially implemented in January 2022. But let's look at the new Minifaber training school, which offers more than 150 courses

M-LAB, to grow and attract talent

Minifaber has always focused on employee training and teamwork, which is now embodied in the birth of a new in-house Academy, M-LAB. What does the company mean by "training"? To answer is Angela Melocchi, Minifaber's Human Resources manager: "For us (training, ed.) is much more than a 'form of teaching': it is a stimulus to the mind, it is a development of people's potential, it is an opportunity to get to know colleagues with whom you do not usually work, it is a way to share the company's values. - she says - Our daily goal is to strive every day to translate the words we have written in our vision into concrete actions and projects."

At Minifaber, experience and know-how have always been handed down from generation to generation, to maintain the quality that has always distinguished the company over time. This commitment has translated into constant staff training and innovation workshops, which took shape with the creation of the M-LAB Academy. "We live in the moment, we learn from the past, but we keep our eyes on the future," adds Angela Melocchi, "which is why we are committed to investing time and effort in innovative projects that can make our company a laboratory of great ideas and projects”.

In this project, three goals coexist, set to create a comprehensive educational experience: the synergistic union of individual coaching, group coaching and theoretical notions gave birth to the design that, a few months later, found its evolution into M-LAB.

The workshop will include more than 150 training courses, from more technical courses dedicated to different professional figures to generic courses on safety and well-being at work. The Academy aims to train employees, create a breeding ground for new ideas, and enable the exchange of information within the company. Also, it can attract new talent, given the growth Minifaber is experiencing despite the pandemic.


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The opinion of Riccardo Marchesi, Technical Trainer at Minifaber

Riccardo Marchesi came to Minifaber in 2006, after 20 years in the industry. He designed welding machines, experience that also helped him in his current role as R&D and Technical Trainer."I've always been a talker," says Riccardo, interviewed for the company's House Organ, "Everything I learn, I want to teach to others as often as I can. The management noticed this and, about a year after I joined Minifaber, had the intuition to create the role of Technical Trainer, which they 'sewed' on me. Since then, I have been involved in training as well as R&D."

riccardo marchesi

Riccardo Marchesi, Technical Trainer at Minifaber


"The management and I immediately structured the training. - continues Riccardo - Regardless of the role, for me it is important that we start from the beginning: the first few days you go around the various departments, mainly to see with your own eyes the stages of processing, to get the full picture. Then, it's on to the classroom, starting with production processes and then expanding to raw materials and processing techniques." 

Training taking shape today in Minifaber's in-house Academy, M-LAB. More than 150 classroom courses are available for employees to grow in their roles and as people. For some roles, moreover, there is an additional step with ad hoc training, held by external people. 

Continuous growth

M-Lab is part of a broader landscape of growth with employees in its center. Minifaber has recently expanded its headquarters in Seriate (BG), with the acquisition of a new1,500-square-meter warehouse to meet the need and create new space required by production activity.

Despite the current global situations related to supplies, the company achieved +14% in sales in Italy and +30% in non-EU sales, compared to the first 5 months of 2021, confirming the upward trend of the last year and a half. The balance sheet of Minifaber East Europe, the plant in Bacău (Romania), is also positive, with the employment of 52 units in 5,000 square meters of floor space.

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