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Pieces of a puzzle that together form the soul of Minifaber, employees and associates can take advantage of numerous personal services, such as nutritionist, psychologist and physical therapist. Let's find out about them together.

The title of this article is representative of the philosophy behind every action of Minifaber. People are a most important resource for the company, as the value of all strategies undertaken starts with them. If people embrace the company's innovations, then those same innovations are bound to excel.

At Minifaber we care not only about their working well-being, but also their physical and mental well-being. That's why we have included professionals who assist employees on a physical and psychological level. They are physiotherapists, psychologists and nutritionists always available to employees. 

Wellness is not just work

When we talk about "corporate welfare," we must necessarily refer not only to the labor welfare, but also to the emotional and physical sphere of employees. It should not be forgotten that every employee is first and foremost a person, and his or her "being at work" is a combination of professional and soft skills, temperament, character and personality. It is precisely this awareness that led Minifaber to develop an internal plan to support the employee through figures aimed at maintaining physical and psychological well-being. 

In addition to a relaxed and cooperative atmosphere at work, witnessed by many employees, Minifaber's resources can also find help from a nutritionist,a psychologist, and a physical therapist. 



Nutrition is the basis of a person's physical and mental well-being. That is why in Minifaber we decided to integrate this figure for employees. Whenever they need it, resources can turn to it. Healthy and personalized diets, advice on staying fit and supplementing any deficiencies. 


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For example, in April our nutritionist, Dr. Alessia Campopiano, provided valuable advice for the approaching Easter holidays, but which is actually useful all year round. "The act of eating little," commented Dr. Campopiano, "is perceived as the most logical one for keeping fit, and this is how we see the drastic decrease in the portions of food consumed at meals. The major result derived from this choice, however, is not the attainment of shape or well-being, but the occurrence of nutritional deficiencies that in the short term can lead to our inability to listen to the natural sense of hunger and satiety, while in the long term they can produce overt nutritional deficiencies and adverse health conditions." Employees can benefit from nutritional advice to stay fit without health risks year-round, thanks to Minifaber's initiative.



Especially in the aftermath of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, our minds have undergone upheavals that have led many to need psychological support to overcome anxiety, stress and mental health issues

For this reason, Minifaber has decided to provide employees with a psychological figure. Dr. Gaia Donadoni helps those in need in processing periods of stress and anxiety, offering psychological support in any situation. 



In the March House Organ, he tells us precisely about stress and anxiety, which can also lead to physical somatization. "Have you ever experienced complaints such as stomach pain, neck pain, migraines, acid reflux, palpitations, sleep disturbances? - ask the Dr. - If yes, it is possible that these and other discomforts, more or less intense, are a physiological reaction of our body to triggering events that have nothing to do with our physique."

How to find out and then work on the mental aspect? "First of all, it is possible to do a simple and sincere self-analysis, which in some way can begin to make us aware of the existence of one or more of these signs. - Dr. Donadoni continues - After becoming aware, one should investigate what the sources of stress and anxiety are. Sometimes it can be easy to recognize the causes. Most times, however, it is not so simple. In fact, it can be understood that the sources are simultaneously more than one and intertwine with each other, making us even more confused with respect to how to recover our state of physical and mental well-being." Dr. Donadoni invites all employees to devote half an hour of their time to take a very quick screening with her to estimate our health status.



Back problems, joint and muscle pain are often due to poor posture, especially at work. This is why Minifaber supports its employees with a physical therapist, in the person of Dr. Alessandro Ferreri. 



Whenever a resource experiences joint or muscle pain, he or she can visit a physiotherapist, who at no cost will do an analysis of the state of muscles and joints and recommend the most appropriate course of action to take. In the last House Organ, the Doctor tells us about foot pain. What can they be caused by? "The disorders, appear and grow in response to repeated or too much mechanical stress," says Dr. Ferreri, "Some of these, are for example, excessive stretching of the plantar fascia or continuous stresses to the Achilles tendon such as, to name a couple, jumping or landing resulting in spurs or calcaneal spurs”. And to get to the bottom of it and treat it? "The most effective therapies, without a doubt, are shock waves. Shock waves," the specialist finishes, "are acoustic waves, which propagate in the tissues and cause benign inflammation, which speeds up the reabsorption and disposal of the exostosis”.

Our receptionists' testimony

Also testifying to the goodness of Minifaber's worker welfare initiatives are the two receptionists whose testimony was collected in the March House Organ, Donatella Garofoli and Jessica Merigo. They are the first people with whom customers and suppliers come into contact, so they are critical to the company. 

Donatella said she loves the contact with people, but in truth, she stresses that everything else in her job gives her satisfaction as well. "I feel part of the gear of

this company," Donatella says, "and although I consider myself a small cog, I like to think that I am a useful element that acts as a link between the inside and the outside. In these 22 years, my work has evolved along with Minifaber: today I use a computer and I use more and more more and more digital tools. I often feel that the five hours I spend at my station, last five minutes."

Jessica is also satisfied not only with the job, but also with the company climate: "I liked the receptionist job right from the start, and right from the start I also liked the climate I found in this great company. The colleagues I worked with, especially Donatella, whom I thank for her support and patience, helped me in my professional growth."

Minifaber, a company that trust its employees

It is not so common nowadays to find a company with a climate conducive to job growth and skill development, let alone one that also gives a place to the physical and mental well-being of its employees. This is the case at Minifaber: "Our company is great, gives confidence and offers so many possibilities in terms of jobs, contracts and services," Jessica testifies in conclusion, summing up just what Minifaber's principles are in resource management.

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