The benefits of aluminum laser welding for the automotive sector

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principale - I vantaggi della saldatura laser alluminio per il settore automotive

Aluminum laser welding is a beneficial solution for many production sectors but above all for the automotive sectors: let's find out why.

 The automotive sector continuously seeks compact and lightweight parts; this is why the automotive industry is one of the most interested in the benefits of aluminum laser welding.

  • But how does laser welding work, exactly?
  • And what are its major advantages?

The Minifaber engineers will tell us.


How laser welding works

Laser welding exploits the energy provided by a laser beam to heat the surfaces to be welded and bond them together. Welding can be induction or deep according to the laser beam intensity:

  • Induction welding is when only the metal surface to be welded melts (less than 2 mm deep)
  • Deep welding, on the other hand, is when even the layers under the surface are melted (up to 25 mm deep).

The first type of laser welding is suited to join parts with thin walls while the second type is effective when different material layers must be welded simultaneously and the sheets are thick.


The advantages of aluminum laser welding

If the resistance and weight of the aluminum make the material increasingly more common in the automotive sector, laser robotic welding adds further advantages:

  • Extreme precision. Parts are perfectly welded, without defects, thanks to the ability of the laser to concentrate its power on confined areas, thus limiting the total energy supply. There is no excessive metal heating nor part deformation, it does not cause edge burning nor backdraft.
  • Time and resource optimisation. Laser welding takes less time and permits a higher production pace (mass production) as well as process automation possibilities.
  • Safety. Due to process automation, achieved thanks to automatic laser machines, it improves worker safety.
  • Variety. Compared to other types of welding, aluminum laser welding can achieve complex geometric shapes and higher quality.


aluminum laser welding


Aluminum laser welding with Minifaber

Minifaber offers professional aluminum laser welding, both to obtain semi-finished products and finished, assembled and complex products. Thanks to its specialisation in a wide variety of sheet metal processes, Minifaber is able to start with a sheet of aluminum and transform it into a commonly used object or a high quality part for the automotive sector.

aluminum laser welding  in automotive sector

The peculiarity of aluminum laser welding can meet your needs for either small product batches or mass production. In both cases, we guarantee supply speed and finished product quality.


Do you want to learn more about the possibilities offered by Minifaber aluminum laser welding service? Contact us!
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