3 new servo presses for increasingly efficient processes

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Minifaber is always on the lookout for innovative solutions that will help it optimize its work activities and obtain better quality results: that's why it has equipped its production departments with 3 servo presses over the past year. The advantages that they offer are summarized below.

Cold pressing with motor force

Servo presses are mechanical presses that take full advantage of all the available motor force for sheet metal processing operations. Compared to traditional mechanical presses, they have simplified transmission elements and don’t have a flywheel, but, based on the production requirements, allow for the both the speed of the motor and the stroke of the hammer to be set, in order to transform the movement of the press into a controlled and programmable axis.

Minifaber added these 3 new servo presses to the 17 mechanical presses and 8 hydraulic presses already present in order to increase its production capacity, to offer customers pressed parts of exceptional added value, and to create a work environment that's increasingly in line with the company’s policy.

The advantages that the servo presses provide for the company

Compared to mechanical presses, servo presses use less energy and optimize consumption levels, for environmentally friendly production processes. They also have reduced vibrations and noise levels, thus rendering the work environment more comfortable, in accordance with the company’s policy, and require less maintenance, thus increasing productivity, while at the same time extending the dies’ lifespans.

The advantages that the servo presses provide for the pressed parts

From the standpoint of the pressed parts, on the other hand, the servo presses provide for reduced clearances, thus ensuring more precise and accurate parts. They also ensure greater reproducibility (an essential feature for the production of large series), and offer the possibility of producing more complex components at a lower cost.


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