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anteprima - Stampi transfer

Transfer dies vs progressive dies: differ...

Minifaber is capable of producing pressed parts using both transfer dies and progressive dies. The choice between one or the other is made by the technical department based on its knowledge of the facts, and is aimed at optimizing the resources in order to allow for the production of increasingly complex and high-performance products. The parameters that are taken into consideration when choosing the most suitable die are described below.

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imm princ

Blanking moulds: our tailor-made service

Are you looking for a company that specializes in tailor-made construction of blanking moulds? Then you are in the right place! Since 1960, Minifaber has specialized in the cold working of metals and offers different types of services: from blanking to sheet metal bending, from the production of moulds to the creation of finished and assembled products.

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Minifaber’s metal molds: from design to c...

From FEM analysis to 3D design, from the mechanical construction of metal molds to heat treatments and PVD coatings: at Minifaber, we follow all the production phases to guarantee cold forming molds customized according to your quality and cost requirements.

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Minifaber (30)

How to create custom metal molds

Thanks to its experience and technical expertise, Minifaber is capable of producing custom metal molds either from scratch or using an existing design.

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Precision metal stamping

Sheet metal stamping is a precision process that allows you to model a metal sheet to deform it into objects of different shapes and sizes. This type of processing is used in many production sectors: for example, the automotive, aeronautical, food, construction and household appliances sectors.

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 MG 2209

Deep draw stamping: Minifaber's tailor-ma...

Deep draw stamping is one of the various metalworking processes implemented by Minifaber. Deep draw stamping is a sheet metal bending operation, which consists in deforming it to give it a concave final shape, usually a box, cylinder or cup shape.

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Lavorazione alluminio

Aluminum processing: the benefits of cold...

Aluminum is a very versatile material and its properties are further enhanced if cold worked, guaranteeing multiple benefits. The Minifaber staff reveals all the secrets of aluminum processing.

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anteprima - Stampi progressivi

Progressive dies expedite the processing ...

During the quotation phase, Minifaber's technicians design and manufacture the die most suitable for producing the finished product without wasting resources. The pros and cons of progressive dies are listed below, along with their recommended applications.

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