Smart Cluster accepts the challenge and creates a urban smart garden at the heart of Bacau

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Passion, enthusiasm, commitment. The Smart Cluster robotics club - supported by Minifaber East Europe - are full of surprises. Last February they showed their worth by winning the regional championship of the First Tech Challenge competition. Now, their stakes are even higher.

Their goal is ambitious: they want to create an urban smart garden at the heart of Bacău. The central square of their city is ready to be filled with nature and innovation - an unusual union which wants to prove how technology can help us embrace an unpredictable 4.0 Sustainability.

During summer, the Smart Cluster team was committed to this project aiming to show how urban agriculture can be a good ally in the promotion of a more eco-friendly approach based on the enhancement of vegetation in an “urbanized ecosystem”.


Smart Cluster Bacău

But how can we take care of an automated garden? Thanks to FarmBot. 
This software allows to create and manage sequences of actions, elaborating the basic operations inserted manually by the team during the configuration stage. Being an open source system, this programme can be used to monitor the machine through different mobile devices with Internet connection. 

Starting from July, the central square of Bacău has become a true “open air laboratory” where visitors could see first-hand the positive impact of technology in the agriculture field and understand how the software works.

Moreover, the vegetables grown in the garden can be sold to the population and visitors can pick them directly. A simple gesture that has a huge environmental and social impact. A step towards a more genuine, entirely farm-to-table and greener agriculture practice. 

Resources management has been optimized thanks to FarmBot’s integrated sensors and, at the same time, it can reduce the whole environmental impact. 

The Smart Cluster team is currently training in order to learn all the technical aspects of coding, automation and AI so that they can apply them to agriculture. This is a challenge that wants to make the world a better place to live in and pass on these notions to the new generations.

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