Minifaber Gaggio Tech project endeavors to revitalize Gaggio Montano, resulting in the employment of 137 individuals

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Gaggio Tech s.r.l., composed of 60 percent Tecnostamp Triulzi Group and 40 percent Minifaber S.p.A., has completed the first phase of the industrial reconversion process and reintegrated 137 workers from the former Saga Coffee.

A new future for 137 workers at the former Saga Coffee in Gaggio Montano (BO), which closed down in March 2022. Thanks to Minifaber Spa and Tecnostamp Triulzi Group Srl, the industrial plants of the former Saga Coffee were converted, creating the new project Gaggio Tech Srl.

This, in addition to giving new impetus to the village in the province of Bologna's Gaggio Montano, has ensured continuity for 137 employees who can now return to work with a stable contract. The newco had already been operational since June 2022 with 54 employees on the books, but just recently, the hiring of another 83 people materialized, who will be gradually reinstated according to union agreements.

For these workers, both classroom and departmental training and mentoring processes are already in place. Through a didactic plan that sees employees in the dual role of teachers and students, they learn about the areas of Materials, Technologies, Design and Processing Techniques, Production Management, and Managerial Laboratory. 

The new factory in Gaggio Montano is the result of combining the know-how of the two investors: Minifaber Spa contributes knowledge in metal production and stamping, with processes such as bending, punching, laser cutting, and welding, while Tecnostamp Triulzi Group brings expertise in plastic molding and value-added operations such as assembly and surface finishing.

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Thus, Minifaber also brings to Gaggio Tech the attention that distinguishes it toward workers, aimed at maximizing the qualities of the people in the company. 

The industrial plan includes the upgrading and modernization of existing processing technologies, the investment in new processing technologies (with a focus on sustainability), the implementation of plants with a view to the development of the circular economy, and the transformation of the site from the “captive” logic (only coffee machines) to the “custom” logic (oriented to serve different industrial sectors).

A social, moral, and industrial commitment that enriches the history of Minifaber, a company that has always been attentive to people's needs.

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