Minifaber and Schneider Electric: together for a greener Earth

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Recently, the term 'sustainability' is being spreaded. A term which has been misunderstood, and that not all people can actually grasp due to its many implications. 

For a green approach, taking care of the environment is not enough. Minifaber understands this well and, for this reason, we have decided to integrate a series of best practices at a corporate level to make a difference and protect our planet Earth.

The European Environmental Agency has published a study which shows how the industrial sector is responsible for 50% of harmful gas emissions in the atmosphere. 

To prevent the situation from getting worse, it is necessary to have a synergistic effort to achieve common objectives, including:

  • reducing corporate emissions;
  • limiting waste;
  • recycling and properly disposing of waste;
  • consuming less in terms of energy.

There should not be just goals to accomplish, but they should be seen as pillars for a virtuous company growth. An effective way to do something good and try to change the face of the industry in order to turn it into a zero-impact sector. 

Not only productivity and efficiency, but demonstrations of true love for our “home” through small and concrete actions that help make the Earth a better place.

By adopting corporate guidelines, it will be possible to implement a series of eco-friendly behaviors that can change the company's modus operandi, ensuring a much greater awareness in everyday activities.

This is a way to tangibly raise sustainability, making it a vital corporate value. A sort of compass capable of guiding every action towards a greater Corporate Social Responsibility and the implementation of the SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations.

In 2023, Minifaber turned to Schneider Electric to better monitor its preset sustainability goals.

Thanks to a "Sustainability Audit", we were able to analyze our strengths and weaknesses. This was a valuable opportunity to discuss, make an assessment and see if we’re heading in the right direction.

A strong signal for promoting a transformation process that will affect all aspects of the company. Minifaber has already embarked on this changing path. In fact, we managed to reduce waste disposal from industrial washings by 94%.

These are small steps that will lead us, in 2025, to present our first sustainability report. A process that will allow us, on a practical level, to get closer to our idea of the future - which is rosy and, of course, green.

Angela Melocchi
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