Custom sheet metal fabrication

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In the field of metalworking, sheet metal offers excellent adaptability to surface finishes of every level; extremely affordable workability, as it doesn’t require any additional metallic residue removal operations; and good adaptability to all kinds of customizations.

Minifaber has made custom sheet metal fabrication its greatest strength. When a customer comes to Minifaber, they can rest assured that their draft or completed design will be transformed into a reality. Minifaber is capable of taking on any project, and studies the most effective processing method to achieve the desired result based on the customer’s requirements.

Thanks to our Technical Department’s consolidated expertise and our high-tech fleet of machinery, we’re capable of meeting even the most complex requirements and carrying out any kind of custom sheet metal fabrication operations.

Custom sheet metal fabrication

The sheet metal fabrication operations can be divided into 4 main categories:

  • shaping operations (cutting, shearing and punching)
  • forming operations (folding and deep drawing)
  • surface treatments (such as galvanization, nickel plating, chrome plating, silver plating, burnishing, etc.)
  • parts assembly.
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Custom sheet metal fabrication: shaping and forming

Shaping operations are those which are used to give precise contours to the metal sheet, such as laser cutting, shearing and punching.

Custom sheet metal fabrication

Forming operations, on the other hand, are those which are used to transform a flat sheet of metal into a three-dimensional piece (thanks to mechanical force), such as bending and deep drawing.

Custom sheet metal fabrication

Custom sheet metal fabrication: surface treatments and assembly

Surface treatments are processes that are used to give the workpiece an optimal finish in terms of both aesthetics and mechanical characteristics. They consist of coating the processed pieces in layers of chrome, nickel or zinc, by immersing them in a bath of molten metal.

The ultimate aim of this type of activity is to improve the workpiece’s strength, as well as its resistance to oxidation, rust and aggressive external agents.

Finally, assembly consists of connecting the processed pieces to one another in order to construct a finished product.

Custom sheet metal fabrication: the example of Schneider Electric

Minifaber is specialized in all of the processes involved in metal product processing chain, from the initial design phase to the final assembly phase.

Schneider Electric, a leading company in the electromechanical sector, is among the numerous customers who have entrusted their processes to the expert custom sheet metal processing techniques of Minifaber, and has chosen us to manufacture a shaft for operating electrical substations.

Custom sheet metal fabrication

This copper and steel workpiece underwent shearing, turning and welding processes, and subsequently underwent galvanization and silver plating surface treatments.

The final custom product is entirely unique and is perfectly in line with the customer's requirements.

Contact us to find out more about our custom sheet metal fabrication service! We’ll be happy to offer you a personalized consultation. Contact us!
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