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09 principale - Un family global player nel settore della lavorazione a freddo dei metalli

Minifaber partners with leading international companies for metal cold forming and bases its success on being a global player family: a company that operates on the global sheet metal stamping scene without forgetting it is a family-run operation. Here are the cornerstones of its philosophy.

Customer-oriented market approach

Minifaber is a customer-oriented company that listens to the needs of its single customers and assists them in finding new and efficiency metal cold forming solutions. This translates into a co-design service where the Minifaber engineering department works in sync with the customer's technicians to best evaluate application needs, materials to be used and required processes as well as a mould and prototyping service where subsequent mass production is prepared to reduce downtime and margins of error.

Minifaber's focus on customers is especially revealed in its relations with foreign customers with whom Minifaber communicates in their mother tongue, thus breaking down the language barriers and succeeding in directly communicating with them.

Investments in human assets

Another characteristics of Minifaber's market approach is continuous investments in its human assets. Not just 150 employees but 150 people with their tool kits of skills and professionalism that, thanks to the periodically organised courses, can grow in and with the company to become a true leader in the metal cold forming market.

Innovation and technology first

Along with human assets, Minifaber constantly invests in technology and innovation to offer its customers truly advanced metal cold forming processes. From robotic solutions in the production departments to simulation and prototyping software in the engineering department, each year Minifaber improves its range, thus succeeding in keeping up to date with market demand and guaranteeing increasingly more accurate and efficient production processes.


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