When sheet metal laser cutting turns into design

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When sheet metal laser cutting turns into design

When you hear “sheet metal laser cutting” you think only about industrial works? Be prepared to change your opinion: a large number of our daily objects are made by sheet metal laser cutting process!

Initially spread in manufacturing fields, the metal laser cutting is now a common practice among many many other contests. Some examples? 

If now, you’re at your home or office, take a look around you and try to count how many objects have passed under a laser cutting machine. 

You don’t find anything? I don’t believe it; I bet there are more objects than you think. Let’s discover them together!


1. The entrance gate

Starting from the entrance, we could immediately meet the first metal laser cutting object: the entrance gate.

There are an infinite number of gate models but, to think of it, most of them are like what you see in the picture below, enriched with awesome metal design

This is a demonstration of what metal laser cutting can create. With laser you can realize a very creative design by giving style and personality to an otherwise anonymous object.



2. The company/family plate 

The second object that you could meet is just outside the door of your home or office and is the metal plate where someone has impressed (thanks to the metal laser cutting process) the name of your company or family. This is the right choice if what are you looking for is something special to appear with a exclusive image. 



3. The coffee machine

What's better than a good cup of coffee before you start your day? Third in order of sequence is the save-life coffee machine. As you can see in the picture below, often, when an object is composed by metal parts, probably has also passed under a laser cutting process. A precision job that allows manufacture an infinite number of universal metal pieces that perfectly fit in order to create the finished product and not to stop or slow down the assembly lines. Same concept for phones, printers, other small appliances and for all stuffs made with metal parts that populate your home. 



4. The case of your computer

Now you’re ready to take place at your desk and start your work day. So, while you’re switching on your computer, you can discover that you’re touching the fourth protagonist which has passed under metal cutting process: the case of your computer.



Sometimes, instead, the metal laser cutting can be used for artistic purposes.


5. The furnishing of your living room 

If you’re looking for something special to furnish your home, take a look to this metal laser cutting creation. These unusual tables have been realized with thin sheet metal and designed through laser cutting process. Stylish and elegant can even be fitted with light creating a striking and unusual atmosphere. 



6. The jewelry display

If you love jewelry and you’re passionate about rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces the object I’m going to show you is perfect to create a wonderful exhibition of your bijoux. This is the evidence that a good laser cutting allows to achieve exclusive and unusual shapes.


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