TRULASER CELL 7040, new purchase!

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TRUMPF Taglio Laser 3D - Frontale

The latest purchase Minifaber. Advanced industrial technology for lase cutting and laser welding.

Fifty years of history compel us to keep pace with progress.
For this reason Minifaber aims to use new technologies and places them within its manufacturing base.
We are therefore proud to present the latest arrival in Minifaber:
The benefits of laser welding in sheet metal led us to buy this technological jewel .
Considerable decrease of the times of grinding and finishing,
simple logistics, excellent aesthetics, cost reduction, technological upgrading of obsolete processes: these are some of the reasons that led us to choose this machine.
The results we are already seeing them, it is exciting to touch and test the capabilities of this machine.
Stay tuned!
Matteo Melocchi
author Matteo Melocchi
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