Sheet metal working: 7 technical parameters to assess the cold metal working

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Discover how to distinguish a good cold metal working and find a reliable supplier with a high quality standard of metal working

1. Blanking Burr

The first parameter to follow to assess the quality of a cold metal cutting is the size of the burrs, elements that always appear in any process of metal working. The blanking burrs, in fact, must be regular along all the cutting edge and, to define a well-done cutting, there are some specific frameworks that establish the maximum size of the burrs, in relation to the type of material and its thickness.


2. Absence of surface flaws

In a high-quality metal working, a cold cut metal should not have visible surface flaws, such as pinpricks, deformation, scratches that lower the quality of the entire making and make the compenent aesthetically inadequate.


3. Consistence of the cutting tear

The detail of a cut sheet metal presents on its side surface a smooth area, created by the brushing between the metal sheet and the stamp used for the cold cutting, and a rugged area, created by the sudden break. The size of the rugged area depends on the interaction between the stamp and the mould but, when we consider a metal working carried out with quality cutting, the rugged area should never be disproportioned. To verify the quality of the cold metal cutting on the basis of the tear, there are specific frameworks that indicate its quality grade on the basis of the material used.


4. Homogeneity of the geometric figure

A good cold metal working must be also evaluated looking at the homogeneity of the geometric figure created by the cutting or laser cutting, besides its correspondence with the size and the tolerance expressed in the technical sketches, on the basis of which every piece is realized.


5. Absence of burnings near the outlines and the weld joints

During the process of any metal working, when a cut and a laser welding is made, the cut of the internal and external outlines must be homogeneous and, on the sheet metal surface should not be burnings or residuals that could damage the aesthetic.


6. Uniformity of the cut

Besides the absence of burnings, the laser cut of the metal sheet must be plain and homogeneous. In any metal working, this specific aspect depends on the cut parameters: if power, speed and gas type are perfectly measured, the cut will be perfect as well and will suggest a well-done working.


7. Repeatability of the size

The last point to assess when you look for a supplier for cold metal working is the repeatability of size. If in one or more lots made with the cutting and/or welding of many pieces, the size and tolerances specified by the drawings are identically repeated in each working, then you can be certain to have found the right partner to have your cold sheet metal working made with care, and with top-quality standards.


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