Sheet metal stamping: coupled working optimises time and cost

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Principale - Stampaggio lamiera le lavorazioni accoppiate ottimizzano tempi e costi

To optimise sheet metal stamping processes, Minifaber offers options of coupled working that reduce production times, cuts down on costs, and better monitors the work phases. Let's take a look at it.

Coupled working: what is it?

Sheet metal coupled working is an umbrella term for sheet metal cold stamping techniques carried out in succession, without physically moving the components from one production site to another. The components are obviously moved within the various departments, but coupled working avoids pointless transportation, loading and unloading, therefore reducing production costs for the single pieces.

Sheet metal stamping with coupled working: examples

Coupled working in sheet metal cold stamping involves mostly finished, assembled products that Minifaber manufacturers for its clients, in particular:

Cutting and welding

This coupling process of sheet metal stamping involves an initial cutting phase in which the outline of the single parts to be manufactured are obtained from sheet metal. The parts are later welded to one another, using either traditional or automated systems, resulting in pre-assembled components that are ready to be mounted on more complex parts.

Welding and assembling

Another coupled working frequently requested in the sector of sheet metal stamping is welding coupled with assembly. In this case, the welded components are assembled either with other metal parts or with plastic or electronic components, to obtain pre-assembled parts or finished products ready for distribution.

Cutting and surface treatment

To improve the mechanical-physical characteristics of the components, Minifaber offers a sheet cutting service, to be followed by specific surface treatment options. In this manner, chopped and/or cut pieces are submitted to treatments such as anodising, galvanising, burnishing, and also polishing, painting and anything else that can improve the performance of the single parts and obtain a more pleasant aesthetic aspect.

For more than 50 years, Minifaber has been working with sheet metal cold stamping, offering either single processes or co-design and coupled working. Contact us!
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