Sheet metal stamping: 5 advantages of Minifaber’s In-House production

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Besides being a reference point in cold sheet metal working, Minifaber is also a company that produces moulds for sheet metal stamping. In this way, the entire productive process is managed inside the company, resulting in considerable advantages for the customer as far as precision and speed of the working are concerned. Here are some of them:

One single interlocutor for the entire production

Minifaber’s ability to create In-House all the moulds for sheet metal stamping, which are then used in the productive departments, reflects on the possibility, for the customer, to dialogue with one single technical office, capable of designing and realizing moulds according to the features required in technical drawings.

Accuracy in the creation of the moulds

Minifaber’s moulds for sheet metal stamping are synonym of accuracy and efficiency, as they are designed by a highly qualified technical office, with many years of experience. These qualities make possible to create moulds with almost no errors in the production phase.

Speed in the creation of prototypes

Another advantage offered by the production In-House of the moulds for sheet metal stamping, is linked to the creation of prototypes, which always require adjustments and changes of the mould itself. Minifaber minimizes times between the testing phases, succeeding in optimizing every mould on the place of its production, offering a quick and precise service of creation of prototypes.

Reduction of downtimes

The moulds for sheet metal stamping that Minifaber creates for its customers, are studied according to some precise standards that let them to be mounted on the machines in short time, according to SMED principles (Single Minute Exchange of Die).

Quick adjustments in mid-course

In case of adjustments needed when the production has already started, caused by the discovery of imperfections in the work or by modifications of the technical drawings, with the creation In-House of moulds for sheet metal stamping the production can go on regularly despite the changes, which are provided by Minifaber with no need to involve third-party mould producers.

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