Robot sheet metal welding: the 5 advantages of this new technology

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The field of cold sheet metal stamping is constantly growing and the technologies used during the productive process are following the same trend. Minifaber has always been up to date with the last news concerning the machinery for sheet metal working: this is why it is equipped with various system of robot welding that let it offer top quality products, thanks to the 5 advantages only robots can grant.


1-    Precision in the work

Compared with manual welding, robotic welding can perform a more precise operation, as the welding line is programmed during the preliminary phases according to which has been specified in the technical drawings. Besides, robot welding is not affected by the modifications caused by human imprecision.

2-    Repeatability of the process

Besides being precise and accurate, robot sheet metal welding can be also repeated in the same, identical way all along the entire production series, with results difficult to obtain in manual welding processes.

3-    Costs and time optimization

Robot welding optimizes the time and cost of the work as robots are completely autonomous: once they are programmed, in fact, they can repeat the same process in a loop, accelerating the processing times and reducing the manpower costs related to a single project.

4-    Waste reduction

As robot welding is repeated in a continuous and precise way, the process waste is considerably reduced, and the margin of error, compared with that granted by the manual welding provided by qualified staff, is noticeably inferior.

5-    Reduction of the risks for workers

Welding is a delicate process that generates fumes that, over time, can be harmful for human health and for the environment. Despite the benches for manual welding are equipped with fume extractors and air purification systems, the worker is always standing in the area. With robot welding, the operators control the robot and the working area from the distance, reducing the risks due to fume inhalation.

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