Minifaber’s metal molds: from design to construction

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From FEM analysis to 3D design, from the mechanical construction of metal molds to heat treatments and PVD coatings: at Minifaber, we follow all the production phases to guarantee cold forming molds customized according to your quality and cost requirements.

At Minifaber, our experience in cold molding, the competence of our Technical Department, and a fleet of up-to-date, state-of-the-art machines ensure we design and produce all of our metal molds in-house, making them to measure to satisfy even the most particular requests.

The metal molds we manufacture

Minimizing waste and ensuring maximum precision are the requirements we follow when designing and building metal molds. Using computer systems that interface with the most modern operating systems, we provide:

Blanking and bending molds

These are the most common metal molds created through the correct interplay of mold and punch in the machine. Punching molds must be manufactured with the utmost precision so that the sheets are punched correctly, without creating burrs or tapering.

Progressive molds (also with built-in threading machines)

They are used to produce components in large volumes and at high speeds. The advantage of these progressive metal molds is that a single mold allows the finished product to be produced in a series of successive steps. As a result, the quality is elevated, and production speed increases and costs decrease.

Transfer molds

These are the ideal metal molds for high production rates as they simplify the molding of very complex, detailed pieces with precise edges, avoiding additional processing. Compared to progressive molds, transfer molds allow greater freedom of machining, are ideal for small and medium-sized deep drawn parts, and work at lower speeds.


Deep-drawing molds

Efficient and precise, they make cylindrical, rectangular and other shaped components and finished products, trays, protective casings or enclosures. The sizes of the manufactured items are generally larger than progressive and transfer molds

Special processing of metal molds

Besides manufacturing, we can perform a variety of operations inside metal molds, such as:

  • threading 
  • assembly of parts
  • automation of any kind
Are you looking for efficient, robust and customized metal molds? Contact us!

Why choose Minifaber metal molds?

Precise, high-quality products and customer service have made Minifaber one of the most advanced companies in the cold metalworking industry. For example, our metal molds:

  • are designed by the Technical Department exactly according to the customer's needs
  • Are certified according to the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 
  • Guarantee maximum production flexibility in the cold forming of metal sheets
  • Are used in the most diverse sectors - electromechanical, kitchen robotics, household appliances, vending, medical, lighting, gas distribution

Minifaber’s fleet of machines 

Minifaber uses technologically advanced machine tools for the making of metal molds:

  • control lathes
  • 3 and 5 axis milling machines
  • wire and sinker electro erosion
  • micro drills
  • grinders 

Also, Minifaber has a mold testing machine for the maintenance, overhaul and assembly of new molds; we can provide an after-sales maintenance service if required.

Are you looking for efficient, robust and customized metal molds? Contact us!
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